PSA: Please don't upgrade your pre-orders right now

Dear Pathfinders,

as previously announced, our store page over on has been updated with new pre-order packs. If you’re an existing Kickstarter backer or Pre-order customer, please don’t use the upgrade function in the store for now. It’s glitched and not working properly right now. ETA for a fix is 2-3 weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience!

To clear up any confusion about which rewards you get from the new pre-order packs if you’re an existing pre-order supporter or Kickstarter backer:

Backers from $20 and up get all goodies from the Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Explorer Edition.
Backers from $40 to $55 tiers get the goodies from the Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Noble Edition.
Supporters who paid $75+ get everything from the Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Royal Edition.

On top of everything included in the tiers you’ve originally pledged for. More stuff for everybody, just like that, added on top. <3

I guess some people will inevitably use that function before reading this post on the forums… Can the link be taken down quickly while the fix is being worked on?

You mean can it be taken down from those who have allready bought something?

Game have maybe 29k backers (from preorder + kickstart) and most are not in forum. So they might even start questioning security (why site is down, are they creditcard / personal information secured and so on).

I am betting if these would just disappear there would be huge storm in some forums telling how kickstart was a scam, preorder page is down and makers are run with money…

Not to mention recent articles, youtube videos and so on what might make people buy this game => they come to page and see something like “site under construction, you can preorder us again after few weeks”. Not so good.

So I would say that taking down site is not a good idea, in best it would prevent people buying the game (most might buy it when they look it, but how many seriously remember a one game after 2-3 week and come back to buy it?) and it worst it would mean plenty of work for many people trying to explain what happen. Not just turning server down or making fast “out of order, will be back in a month” html site.

Thank you for clearing that up.

When I look at the upgrade function, it wants me to charge well over 900 billion for the Royal Edition. I reckon people will figure out something’s wrong, even if they miss this thread. If not, we’ll issue refunds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that would put the DLC & sequel questions to bed. Just need one $900 billion backer :wink:

So, to be clear- Because I’m slow and like things spelled out for me.

I backed at $140 through the kickstarter. So I will be receiving the Royal Edition, with the hat and the necklace and the adorable owlkitten, WITHOUT my needing to put in another $69 for another Preorder, yes?


@Bosswald; So you $69 bought you
+Access to the Beta (and Alpha?)
+Boxed game
+Your name in the credits
+30mm miniature

So are the in game extras from the original pledge the Hat, necklace and the Owlcat or are these in addition to some other items? I pledged at the $95 level so I’m just curious because these 3 items are on all three upgrade options.

Will you be able to upgrade from the Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Noble Edition to the Royal Edition AFTER launch?

Anyone with an answer to my above question?

Does it work now?

Not sure what’s gonna happen after launch regarding upgrades, since all these options right now are clearly called pre-orders. As in, stuff you buy before launch. So I wouldn’t bet on it.

Does it work now?

I gotta ask the admins. What pledge tier do you have and which package did you want to upgrade to?

Im’ a low lever backer (premium digital copy), which is now the Explorer Edition, was thinking bout upgrading to Royal Edition, price reads 24.989999999999995 $ which is a bit strange.

Oboy. Sorry it’s still acting up. :frowning:
As soon as I get word about it being fixed, I’ll be sure to post it here and on all our channels.

Just thought I’d bring up that in the Pre-order page, the Noble and Royal edition seem to have the right prices, but the $ symbol and the first letter of the package are kind of… merged.

Also, just to ask: I bought the Lore Explorer package way back when, and I’m unsure how much that was at this time (I just remember I wanted the extra goodies) so what would be included with my order once the game releases?

I know you are very busy Berserkerkitten, but given that the game is set to release soonish. it would be great if those of us that Kickstarted the game, could know when or how to upgrade the edition we are getting.

Please do let owlcat know!

And thank you

I’m never too busy to keep reminding them about this. I did it first thing this week. Still waiting for an update. I’m as keen on a fix as the rest of you guys, believe me. I’ll forward another request.

I’m sorry it’s taking so long. I am very much making them aware that people would like to have the possibility to upgrade before it’s too late.

So, looking forward to the Game. Now lets see where can I fit this game into my Schedule…Oh well their goes all of my free time