PS5 saves problemma

Good day.
Enjoyed playing ps4. After acquiring ps5 I wanted to continue playing the game. PS4 saves are working correctly. But on ps5 the game does not want to be saved at all. Asks to free up 65MB of space. And not manual saves do not work, not automatic quick saves.
Do you know about such a problem? Help me. I am from Russia playing with translation into Russian.

That’s a common bug on all consoles.
The way the games creates its savegames causes problems with the size limits on the consoles. We’re waiting for a patch since the release.

Anyway, delete all but one save and restart the game. Then you should be able to play another hour or two, if you’re lucky.

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How many saves do you have in total? And what chapter are you currently playing?

After the advice “Glubsch” I deleted the save. All but one. The game started will be saved.
Now I’m in the third act. Thanks for the advice. I enjoy the game.