PS4 Physical Disc Error


I was looking forward to playing this Game yesterday for the very first time on PS4 (physical Disc German version), however this is what happened:

After the game and Patch 1.06 had been installed properly the game could not be started due to a disc error. I got an error notification suggesting that the disc might be scratched or damaged (which is not the case as it is brand new). A few attempts later I was able to start the Game once, however only to discover that this seemed to be an exception from the rule that the game is broken.

I then even had trouble to get the Disc out of my PS4 again as the PS4 seemed to be unable to read or detect the disc. I needed several attemps to remove the disc from the device. I never had any disc errors before so this does not seem to be a coincidence.

By searching the Internet I found that this seems to be a known Bug fpr Pathfinder Kingmaker on PS4 (not the part that the disc could not be removed but at least the part that the disc could not be read by the PS4). However, it is many months post release now and I wonder if this bug really has not been fixed yet? Is this a software issue or are some copies of the Game just broken?

When reading this Forum I get the impression that the Game is unplayable on PS4 due to other reasons also. Is this still the case?

Very thankful for any response on this issue. Still trying to figure out if this game is worth playing or unplayable due to bugs. Thank you!

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Console versions of Pathfinder are, indeed, nearly unplayable. I have a digital copy so I can’t attest to any problems you have with the disk, but even if you were to get it started you’d suffer through many constant crashes and bugs. If you still have the opportunity I’d recommend you get your money back.

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Seconded. Refund if at all possible. The problems have existed since game launch, and the game is defective by any measure of the word. Best of luck.