PS4 New Bugs after 1.03

After exiting combat I am unable to pause using Square and my Skill Bars all disappear from every character. I can fix the pause issue by going into Real-Time combat using R3 and then back to Turn-Based, then pause works, but skill bars don’t reappear until after I loot something. I can loot anything, enemies or containers, but it has to pop up the box the select the items to loot or the bars won’t reappear.

The game is great, and incredibly fun, and the design is great, but the bugs are really getting to the point where it’s just not worth the frustration, which is unfortunate.

Same issue here. Love the game but it is almost too glitchy to continue playing.

Also: Combat music won’t play until you summon a creature.
But then the combat music won’t stop after the battle.

Hey there! We’re aware of this and hopefully get that fixed soon.

A work-around for the skill bars disappearing is to open your inventory and drop something and then pick it up

It blows my mind that you expect them to address something as innocuous as combat music when the game crashes every 5 load screens, saving is a mess, and there are other game-breaking bugs that players have to figure a way around to be able to play the game at all, and you’re talking about combat music triggers. Wow.

Can anyone confirm whether you can import your Varnhold’s Lot save into your main story on ps4 now? I’ve just reached the Varnhold Vanishing and it is not asking me to import, has anyone had this work on ps4?

In short last patch didn’t fix this. It actually added a new gamebreaking bug. Finished save varnhold will lock your LT RT in your main campaign cause the import thing is somehow bugged. Try to keep your save before boss fight Varnhold and wait for next patch.

You should have picked thus up though from people venting their frustration over this last patch or saying somethings wrong with their menu after patch. Reading forum before playing patch will help with this game in current state. Looking back it is what i should have done, people responded with found errors and stuff within hours off the release, let alone you asking a week later.

I would seriously tell anyone wanting to play this game on ps4 to wait . I love this game and have about 100 painful hours in this game but the crashing save issues are a major issue and after this last patch I lost so much progress and save data that I am currently giving up for now. I think still in it’s current state it’s barely playable at times and if your ok with constant crashes save errors then go for it but you have been warned