Ps4 metamagic/spellbook problem

So ive just reached lvl 7 on my necromancer type cleric and I tryed to start using metamagic.
I tryed to carry my Animate Dead spell from lvl 3 to lvl 4 using the heighten spell feat I just aquiered.
When I upgrade it the number on the metamagic screen, the one related to the blue circle with a white arrow inside dosent change no matter the lvl I try to get it to. The lvl 4 animate dead dosent seem to be more consistant the lvl 3 one in the number of skeletons summoned with the lvl 3 one most of the time summoning more skeleton then the lvl 4 one. All of this bringing me to think that my spell was indeed not upgraded by the Heighten Spell feat. trying to figure this out, I did some testing and created duplicates of the spell, on of them being Heighten, that are now all in the lvl 3 section of the spell book.
I cant seem to be abble to delete them whatever I try wich is quite anoying.

if someone could give tips, tell me if this is normal or comfirm its a bug with the definitive edition on ps4 it would be apreciated.