Problems with turn based mode (PC)

I play the game on my PC.
I have no big problems, just 2 issues:

  • I used to start combat by charging with my tank.
    Enemies often attack the first thing they see, they are surprized if I attack first and I don´t become flat footed.
    In turn based mode, when I select to charge at an enemy outside of combat, often combat starts half way between my starting position and the enemy and my char moves a little bit further but does not reach the enemy or do an attack.
    Sometimes my action gets also interrupted if I start combat with a ranged attack or by casting a spell.

suggestion: If you start combat by attacking the enemy (charge, arrow or spell attack) the attack should hit the enemy and then combat starts. It makes no sense that charging characters or flying arrows stop somewhere along the way.

  • When my char detects something during his/her turn (hidden object or trap) I cannot do anything more during this turn and I have to end the turn. I have enabled that the game pauses when find a hidden object or trap, which is very useful outside of combat or in real time combat.

suggestion: When I detect something during combat the char should stop (so I do not run into a trap) but I should be able to perform my remaining actions (move further, attack or cast a spell).

  • Question: Sometimes I want to click on an enemy to attack but my mouse moves a bit too much and so my char walks to the enemy instead.
    Is there any way to stop my char while they are walking? I cannot make a full action in that turn, but it would be great if I can stop my char from running into the attack range of an enemy.

That being said, I really love turn based mode.
The game becomes easier because you can make sure that each char does something useful on his turn (or you realize faster that they are unable to act because something blocks the path). Its easier to tell the chars to walk around the grease area before attacking.You can delay your turn if you want the enemy to come to you or another char blocks your path.
It also helped me a lot in understanding the rules when things happen one after the other and not all at once.

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Doesn’t that come from the rules themselves? If you show an intent to attack, the combat starts, and if you’re in turn-based mode, that means everything switches to combat mode before your attack completes (you still have the initiative).

It’s more logical to me, anyway.

How many times I had that :sweat_smile: I sure would love a way to stop the movement too.
Same for the trap detection.

I also love this mode for the same reasons :slight_smile: But there is the matter of game duration. The combats were not foreseen for turn-based mode and playing a campaign is very costly (I’m past 240 hours for one campaign, and it’s not over yet, that’s way too much on the same game).

Generally speaking, this feature still needs debugging and tuning, how many times has it frozen mid-combat, or skipped a turn when it shouldn’t have. It has been reported from the game bug gizmo, so hopefully it’s on their radar, I think that mostly happens when there are many participants. I’m not sure when this will happen, I’m afraid they’re busy with WotR and we may only see an update in Kingmaker once turn-based mode is added, debugged, refined and stable in the new game.

One more problem:
At the end of some battles the turn order display does not disappear after combat.
This happens mostly when after the battle comes a cut scene or conversation.
Reloading or moving to a different area solved the problem so far.

You can usually solve that by leaving the turn-based mode until the combat mode ends - if that’s possible, I haven’t had the problem mixed with a dialog.

I had that quite a few times too, once the game is back to real-time with pause, the game realizes the combat has ended after a few seconds and gets back to normal, then I switch it back to turn-based for the next time.

Another trick that works pretty well around the multiple “stuck” issues of turn-based mode is to press F11 and open the bug form, then cancel it. Maybe it also works in this situation.