Problem with Valerie in Turn Based mode

Hi Everyone,

I have a unique bug. Valerie has an red x in melee in all combat in Turn Based mode on the Xbox One. When I switch to RTWP, she attacks as normal. She has no issues with Range combat in Turn Based mode. I have been switching between RTWP and Turn Base in all combat.

I really been liking the Turn Based combat on the Xbox One. This is by far the best CRPG that mimics Pen and Paper I have seen. Better than Baldur’s Gate or ToEE. Great job. And so far I like it on the Xbox much better than on my laptop.

Yes, there has been some bugs. But it is obvious that Owlcat is working on them. Thanks for that. And great job. Looking forward to Wrath of the Righteous. And always hopeful that Rise of the Runelords will get a shot sometime in the future. That is still my favorite AP from Paizo.

Thanks again,


I am just refreshing this to see if I am alone on this one.

Again, Valerie will not attack in Turn Based Mode. She has a RED X over the target. If I switch to RTWP then she attacks as normal. If she Charges she attacks. If it is at Range she attacks. It is just Melee in Turn Based mode. Valerie is the best front line fighter in the game. I have been using other characters, but it would be nice to have Valerie without issues.

Thanks again Owlcat for designing a true Turn Based RPG that mimics the D&D/Pathfinder tabletop experience better than any other game I have played to date.

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Hello. Thank you for your trust and kind words! Your issue seems similar to another one, where a character starts casting a melee touch spell, comes close to the target, but doesn’t cast it. The team is currently working on it, and I’ll pass the information you’ve provided to them as well.

Hi there!

I’m at the beginning, but I’m really enjoying the game so far.

I have the same bug as gm.mazra
For me it’s Jaethal that can’t attack in the turn based mode.
She can make ranged attack, but not any melee attack even if I change her weapon.
Some turn she can’t even cast a spell. It’s as if she already used her standard action.
In real time with pause, I don’t have this issue at all.
So I’m switching back and forth between those two.

I’m also encountering another bug (?).
When my characters level up, I can’t choose a level in another archetype. I’m not sure if the game is intend that way though,
For example, as I level up Valerie I can’t choose another archetype for her warriors levels. I have to stay with the Tower Shield Spécialiste archetype. Is the game intended that way or is it just a console bug?

Thanks to take the time to address those issues and respond to my message.


I forgot to tell. I’m playing on ps4

I don’t know what the official rules are, but it’s the same on the PC version, so at least it’s not a console bug.

Not bug, that is how it works.

I supposed so, but wasn’t sure.