Probably unrealistic suggestion - map editor

Hi all,

Firstly just to preface that this suggestion would, I assume, present technical and project-timeframe challenges that may be insurmountable, so I fully accept if this if this suggestion is not met!

I still would like to express my enthusiasm for seeing a functionality whereby players could don the DM’s cape and hood, and create content to upload and share with other players.

At the high-end this would essentially be asking for ‘coop’ mode, with a real-time DM influencing events. But backing down from that extreme fantasy, I think it would be really fun to be able to create your own dungeons complete with NPCs, traps, perhaps branching dialogue and events, to upload and share with other players. Perhaps set a starting level on the dungeon and allow players to jump in and create a level appropriate character, or design them for end game and allow players to import their characters from the main campaign.

I’ve come to love Owlcat’s ability to tell stories and create engaging campaigns, nonetheless I feel this would add a great deal of replayability to the game and present numerous fun sandboxes for players to toy around with character builds and just keep enjoying the great -engine- Owlcat have made here for D&D.

I see a brilliant framework for D&D video gaming here, and as excited as I am for the WotR campaign and will likely play it through multiple iterations, would love to see this framework available for folk to really experiment with map-building, coming up with their own creations and sharing with others. Heck, being able to create whole world and short campaigns would be fantastic, and you could only imagine what people and groups would create over the course of years.

OK - that’s my fantastical rant over with. I appreciate we will likely not see anything like this, and that there are probably a multitude of roadblocks I’m ignorant to that would prevent this being achievable or desirable to the developers - but just wanted to express my enthusiasm were such a functionality to be added.

Best wishes to all,

This would be a fantastic addition if there would be some kind of map/campaign editor. This would would keep a lot of people engaged with the game with the user generated content. Look at the games who have a vibrant modding community where you can make new content/campaign/stories in an accessible enough way, some games like this are still being played after 10 years. But alas as OP stated, it would probably cost a lot of extra resources.