Primal Shambling Mound: Unkillable? (Very minor spoilers)

Very minor spoilers ahead.

I won’t mention where, but there is a Primal Shambling Mound that appears to be unkillable. He does the troll thing where he falls over and takes tons of damage but keeps regenerating. I’ve tried Adamantine weapons, Cold Iron weapons, all energy types, up to +4 weapons. He just won’t die. I read on the Steam forums that Inflict Wounds might kill him, but of course I don’t have one - and now I can’t leave because I’m stuck in combat even though he is way, way far away from me.

Has anyone been able to kill this guy?


oh, you probably want details.
I save scummed Linzi casting a Disintegrate scroll. Took me about 7 tries before she got the cast off (50% failure) and hit the target.

We’ve theorized that Inflict Wounds, Disintegrate, Destruction, Death Clutch, Phantom Whatever, Weird, Wail of the Banshee, Ennervation & Power Word Kill will work.

I don’t know of any non-spell way to kill this guy though.

Hah, details are always nice! Thanks for the reply. I shall memorize Disintegrate (just happen to have taken it with my main) and keel him. Thanks Lymurra!

Edit: just tried it. Disintegrate, first cast. Booyah.

What’s the loot/reward for killing it? Any type of “follow up quest”?

No, just about 2k XP.

Theres a box around there I think. Don’t remember anything too interesting. I’ll check again eventually.

Edit: Went back. Small box behind the Shambler inside of a trap. Contains: 1xToken of the Dryad, & 1xEdict

Edict is a +4 Mithril Dagger of Speed & Breaker of Wills. +4 Enhancement, Extra attack per round when full attacking, -3 to targets will on hit (1 min duration).

Edit: there was a perception check somewhere in there I think but the combat log drowned it out.

It’s best to ignore it and use your best stealther and perceptioner (and an invisibility potion) to just go to the chest and loot it.

Ignore the shambler.

Well, when I was there the shambler didnt attack me. I could peacfully walk around and explore. I remember I found something of interest there, I guess it’s the chest you are talking about.
I tried to attack the shambler one time but realised I was way to low lv for it and therefore moved on.

Or maybe I only looted the dead body(the creator of the shambler) I cannot recall now.

Necrotic damage kills it. I had the 50% spell cast bug so I had to bust out the scythe that AoE’s everyone with negative energy on a crit to finally kill the thing, but it worked.

Same, but I did not find any +4 dagger. Maybe the loot scales with the party level, or maybe there’s a cache I missed…

You must’ve missed something, it’s definitely placed loot.

It’s definitely there in a chest NW of the Shambler. I don’t even believe it was a hidden chest, and loot in boxes like this is static in this game.

to clarify

We are discussing the Primal Shambling Mound in the Abandoned Keep.
You are discussing the Shambling Mound in the Old Sycamore area.

They are not the same.

I was able to kill the Primal Shambling Mound with the scythe that makes a wave of negative energy on a critical hit. It was the negative energy that killed it. If you have a cleric that can channel negative energy, that should work too.
The scythe (whose name eludes me a the moment) can be looted after beating the boss of the Varnhold campaign. You cannot meet this Primal Shambling Mound before you have beaten that chapter anyway, so don’t sweat it^^

PS: I am trying to be as spoiler free as possible, hence why I even avoided the actual title of the chapter as even its name is a kind-off spoiler. :slight_smile:

Different shambler The one near her creator that was an elf woman originally is peaceful, the one Sinister cited is behind a gate. I think there is even a third one behind another gate.

That’s strange.

I remember killing that primal shambling mound but I would have sworn I didn’t even need to cast a spell.

However, when I load a saved game at the abandonned keep and inspect the mound, it indeed states:

"Remove regeneration

Energy: Negative"

So, either my sorcerer cast a Boneshaker and I completely forgot about that (but I’m not even sure about Boneshaker dealing negative energy damage), or I found some other way to kill it… What puzzles me is that I don’t recall having any difficulty overcoming the mound’s regeneration (I was playing on custom, somewhere between normal and challenging).

Seems like this mob has been tweeked.
I recall it from my first run (sept/oct) and I rolled right over it.
My second run (late dec) I knocked it down but couldn’t kill it till I figured out the negative energy thing.

Ah, that would make sense indeed, since I killed the mound one month ago or so.
Thanks for point that.

In fact, there may have been several tweeks, since I remember the mound being knocked and still alive but nothing as exotic as dealing negative energy damage to it.

If anyone else comes here looking for a way to deal with the Primal Shambling Mound, any melee character can finish it off once it’s down with a good old fashioned coup de grace. Might take a try or two, but it’s better than wasting spells.