Pre-orders on Steam, GOG, and EGS, Season Pass, And Some More Important News for the Backers

Today is a special day - you can pre-order Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous in more places! It’s not just our site, but also Steam, GOG and Epic Game Store! Pre-order the finest crusading experience on Golarion on the platform of your choosing!


Can’t wait until I have my release key and am then able to pre-order the Season Pass. Looking forward to the first DLC! :slight_smile:


For those of us that ordered the Ultimate Digital Download from the Owlcat web site, when will we get our Digital Key that we can import into Steam and how do we specify that we need a Steam key as opposed to a GOG or EPIC game store key?

Will the pre-order items listed on the other stores be available to people who backed on kick starter and use a key to activate?

From the kickstarter update:

Each of the backers, who have supported us during the Kickstarter or Slacker-backer campaigns, will get the extra bonuses from Core edition or Commander edition for free, according to their tier level

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The keys will be available in the profile on the Owlcat website on the release at the latest.


We will miss out on the 4 pre-order items though? The items on kickstarter are different from pre-order on steam for example.

Edit: Missed the link and just checked it out. Ignore my question and thank you.

I’ve asked by email, or at least a confirmation that we’d be able to choose. Backers and slacker-backers will be able to choose when the time comes, which is reassuring, but I don’t know exactly how either :slight_smile:

Hmm, so just to make this right, we (who backed “all in”) will get:

*Red Dragon’s Helmet
(This helmet grants its wearer fire resistance 10. Additionally, three times per day, the wearer can breathe out a blast of fire, dealing 3d4 fire damage in a 10-feet cone (Reflex DC 15 half).)
*Hero’s Cloak
(The wearer of this cloak can use Heroism as a spell-like ability (CL 3rd) once per day.)
*Unholy Signet
(This ring gives the wearer the ability to fill your enemies with fear and doubt. You can use it to use Bane as a spell-like ability (CL 3rd) three times per day.)
*Arcane Signet
(This ring allows the wearer to use Magic Missile as a spell-like ability (CL 3rd) three times per day.)

  • Digital World Map, Digital OST, Digital Art Book
  • Owlcat Pet (Owlcat’s Feral Instincts provide +2 morale bonus on Perception and Lore (Nature) checks.)
  • Silver Tongue Amulet
    (This amulet grants its wearer a +2 competence bonus on Persuasion skill checks.)
  • Free Dancer’s Boots
    (These boots grant their wearer a +2 competence bonus on saving throws against movement-impairing conditions.)
  • Exclusive Skins For 3 mountable Animal Companions
    (Dinosaur, Horse, Smilodon)
  • Magnificient Plume Hat, Dashing Cavalier’s Gloves, Righteous Exorcist’s Bracer’s, Ratcatcher’s Gogles.

Right? So “what we need to do” is only to buy DLC pass after we have gotten key(s) for these. (Unless someone is wanting something physical items what might be next to impossible unless you bought them at time)

Edit: + can I preorder season pass (for GoG). Did not see it there, I guess I can just update my Commander Edition to Mythic edition when I have it? Or can I?

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I hope the Digital Key will be made available sooner than later. I would like to import this game into my Steam Inventory so I can order the Season Pass right away. But I think that I might not be able to order the Season Pass until WoTR is in my Steam Inventory since the Season Pass states " This content requires the base game Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous on Steam in order to play." Does this mean I am not able to order the Season Pass in Steam until WoTR is in my Steam Game Inventory?

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Yeah, Beta app id is different from the final version so sadly you won’t be able to buy the Season Pass till the retail keys are up. Fortunately, you don’t miss anything by delaying it’s purchase.

I just really hope that you CAN buy Season Pass later for all platforms. It seem like “obious” thing but who knows. I mean even today in Kingmaker I have all what there is to get (in GoG) but because I am kickstart “player” or pledge person it seem like GoG do not “know” in shop area that I have the game. Naturally I can install and use the game but…

What I mean is, I really love GoG and idea behind it. But I would hate to see that I have “all you can get” except DLC’s and not able to buy them seperately or upgrade my “near full” game with Season Pass because system just do not realize that I have base game because keys I have used are from Owlcat games and not bought from they own shop so I would not be able to upgrade my game version from one version to next. Well, I guess if that happen I would most likely be able to contact someone there and ask they help instead of paying like 100€ more to get second version (without any kickstart bonuses) what have DLC’s.

I assume it is not possible to just use Owlcat own shop to order DLC Season Pass also for the game?

I would even say it’s best to delay it and get more information.

It probably depends on whether you’re a heavy game consumer or not, I suppose. I’m never buying season passes, partly by principle - I’m not buying a product I know nothing about, and mainly because I never had any interest for the sort of DLCs included in those deals.

But I’m not a heavy player, the 200+ hours necessary to achieve Kingmaker in TBM were more than enough for me, and I suspect that using RTwP this time will at least grant 100+ hours in Wrath of the Righteous (which has a lot of replay value if that was not enough). For someone who’s spending a lot of time on games, it will be different.

Well, Season Pass was sold for Kingmaker on GoG so I assume it’ll be the same for WoTR.

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Seriously cant wait!!