Potential bug with 26 - Sadistic Game Design achievement

I think, i found bug with blueprints, that makes SGD unable to unlock. In Chapter 3 we have 5 lairs etudes. One of this is - 26!_SadisticGD_CH3_GrayGarrison. Hm, gray garisson from chapter 1?
But we go further.
If we look into the blueprint, we will found:

  • linked area: EcorcheLair (that is not Gray Garisson, but also this is area from another Chapter 3 lair etude)
  • contidion: kill Othirubo (alchemist from Gray Garisson from chapter 1) while Chapter 3 is playng (i think this is impossible)

So sadistic gamedesign:)


I found one more strange thing.
Parent lairs etude CH3_Liars do not start Midnight Fane etude, but require it for completion.
Midnight Fane etude condition is only Chapter 4 is playing. No miniboss kill or something like in an other lair etude. Also, strange linked area.