Possible spoiler question 2

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I can’t see getting through even the first chapter without playing a cleric - there is so much damage incoming that not having a primary healer (which you don’t get in NPCs) seems ludicrous. Potions are expensive and there are secondary healers but that only goes so far. Anyone else run into this issue?

No, I did not. You mean mostly Cultist that use Channel Negative Energy AoE, right?
First - Stealth, get near and have Lann focus those casters, use his monk abilities.
Second - If you tanks are hard to hit then you can ignore their melee and go straight to casters.

If you still have problem then lower difficulty.

Would also help to say what is class of your MC. If they are Arcane caster then cast grease from stealth, if melee and Second point does not apply, then have MC go from side, when you can.

PS: Also Camelia + Ember + Seelah was usually enough for Kenabres, even for later I used Daeran’s Channel AoE, Ember’s healing hex and Seelah’s Lay on Hands, and some potions as only sources of healing, eg. I did not need to use healing spells anymore after Kenabres.

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Yes and no about healing, but i definitely think we get Sosiel a bit too late, getting him at the tavern will be a lot better in my opinion. Camellia + Ember can kinda do the job but they are no cleric.

Cleric will make a excellent main character for the campaign mechanically and flavor wise.

Daeran is an excellent healer. I prefer Sosiel because I like accessing the full divine spell list, but for healing, Daeran might be even better than Sosiel. You may want to rush his building before clearing any other locations.

Still, you’ll probably want to buy 50ish light healing potions or a wand of cure light wounds (I didn’t see a wand, but wasn’t really looking). Otherwise, you’ll end up resting quite a bit because channel isn’t always the most efficient heal.

I also gave Ember the healing hex. It helped a lot in early levels.

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Yes, but Daeran and Sosiel don’t show up until late in the first act. And 50ish light healing potions assumes you have enough money to do so, which I haven’t found is the case, unless I’m doing something horribly wrong.

My main point is that unless you start off as a cleric, it seems you won’t really have sufficient healing to make it out of the first section, never mind the first act.

By first section, you mean the first 10 minutes or so before waking up at the inn (I’m trying to be vague)?

I agree that particular stretch can be tight on healing, but that’s because you’re starting partway through Act I with whatever equipment Owlcat gives us. In the actual game, you’ll be able to build up a stockpile of healing potions beforehand in the mongrelman caves (or whatever happens below Kenabras).

It’s definitely doable though. I completed it with an invulnerable rager (no innate healing) and a wizard (also no innate healing).

As far as money, almost every weapon in that early stretch is masterwork. Loot those; they resell for 100g each (which is the cost of 2 or 4 light healing potions—I can’t remember whether they are 25g or 50g each). Buy them when you wake at the inn and some camping supplies. Go to the area with Ember, recruit her, and talk to the messenger, which opens Daeren’s home. That should be quite early.

As Raikan said, Daeran can join quite early depending on whether you go to his place quickly or not. Ember and Camelia can patch things up until then. You can find quite a number of potions on enemies as well (or I did, at least, even though I was short on my first playthrough, especially during the big scripted event at the tavern).

And, as WiseRaven also said, you may want to hit the cultists first as much as you can, while your tank(s) distracts the enemies’ melee fighters.

I never played a Cleric in the Alpha, and did not have so much problem, even in Core difficulty (did not go higher).