Positive Feedback for Developers

There’s a lot of angst and (understandable) frustration from the console community these days as bugs threaten the gaming experience. That being said I feel like relaying some positive thoughts on what the game does really well and is worth highlighting.

  1. Robust character creation with diverse class and race options.
  2. Interesting story with a solid assortment of NPC characters.
  3. Ambitious, if somewhat opaque, kingdom management system. While the lack of significant tutorial is rough what I love about the game is the use of the kingdom/throne room dynamic to create interesting story points and conflicts
  4. I enjoy the travel and map system. I think having new areas pop up on a map you thought you knew is a clever way of expanding the map. I also like that they cleverly re-use maps for additional story beats. Makes the area feel more like your kingdom. That being said, there is a solid argument that it’s an easy way to avoid creating new map assets. But for the most part I don’t mind.
    5). I love that they don’t generally overcrowd a map with objectives. There’s a few giant “dungeon” maps. But I like the single monster mini maps. It’s feels like a more true adventure experience. Just a lone monster near a cave. The simplicity is kinda of refreshing.
  5. I love the camping system. It discourages rest scumming. I’m more thoughtful about resting and When to use my spells. It also incentivizes scroll and wand use a bit more. I also really love the amount of party conversations that occurs during camping.
    7). The spell effects are quite good in my opinion. Lots of cool lighting and particle effects.
  6. Monster variety is pretty good for the most part. The monster models look good. AI is fairly simple but I’m ok with that. I’m playing on normal difficulty and it’s fun. I mostly steamroll most enemies now so I’m hoping enemies ramp up soon.
  7. The alignment system, and the options it presents in dialogue, is very well thought out. It’s quite enjoyable to see all the different options. The fact that the options you choose can mold and change your alignment over time is pretty neat. I could see people wanting to replay as a pure evil or pure good character to explore how the story changes.

These are a few of the things about the game I really like. I’m a big crpg fan with the baldurs gate series, pillars of eternity, and divinity original sin series under my belt. And I think pathfinder is another great game in that pantheon with a lot of great ideas and features.


I can’t say I’ve been blown away by the general monster selection so far, but I was shocked when I ran into a linnorm.

And I’ve put many hours into just making and playing characters in the standalone dungeon crawl add on. Enough so that even if I’m never able to finish the main campaign I don’t feel I’ve wasted my money.

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Well, I’ve gotten many more hours of enjoyment out of it than many games I was able to complete. So, yeah, by any sensible metric that’s a win. Completion is gratifying, but the actual goal is alleviating boredom for as long as possible, after all.


Thanks a lot you like our Pathfinder monsters. The monsters say hello and look forward to dismantle your party. Not harbouring any grudge :wink:

Cant say I agree, owlcat have been ignoring any emails I’ve sent them and my patience has run out now.
It’s like watching 2 episodes of band of brothers series but not being able to watch anymore
The developers have been promising to fix this but every patch is making it worse for me

Almost anytime i toss out some bugs ive found, I add how much I’m enjoying the game. A TON of care went into making the pathfinder setting and system work and that seriously shows and I have to say, adding a turn based option is just chefs-kiss awesome. I wish so hard that the old baldurs gate games and the pillars games had that option. It seriously feels perfect for this type of game and im glad I dont have to deal with the chaos of rtwp because that kind of combat suuuuucks and does not feel like d&d to me, but, I loved the stories so I just trudged through it… but I digress.

There is so so so much good in this game. Thats why even with the bugs I can’t put it down. Are there a few things I’d have added or changed or tweaked? Sure. But even still. I genuinely love this game

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I’ve only made complaints on this forum because I so desperately want this game to work on console.

Bugs aside, my limited time with Pathfinder with its endless character customisations, kingdom management and lore has scratched a huge itch for me since I finished up all the DnD PS4 ports from Beamdog earlier this year.

I’m just so bitter that I finally get my hands on a game I so thoroughly enjoy and it’s still a mess. I think I just care too much.