[Poll] Your preferred Ranged Weapons for WotR

Hello all,

Id like to make a Poll to find out which New Ranged Weapons the backers want the most.

The Poll options were taken from ( https://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment/weapons ) so these are the Ranged Weapons that have an official Paizo entry. From all these, Ive chosen the ones that have a distinctively different look over what we already have.

Poll: 3 Votes =Your 3 preferred Ranged Weapons for WotR (or any later campaign).

  • Blowgun
  • Boomerang
  • Chakram
  • Hunga Munga
  • Kunai
  • Light & Heavy Dwarven Pelletbow
  • Light & Heavy Repeating Crossbow
  • Orc Hornbow
  • Shuriken
  • Sling
  • Throwing Club
  • Throwing Dagger
  • Throwing Deer Horn Knife
  • Throwing Light Hammer
  • Throwing Shield
  • Throwing Spear
  • Throwing Starknife
  • Throwing Trident

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Hunga Munga
Ranged Hunga Munga


Ranged Kunai


Light & Heavy Dwarven Pelletbow


Light & Heavy Repeating Crossbow


Orc Hornbow
Ranged Orc Hornbow






Throwing Club (would allow all existing Clubs to be thrown)


Throwing Dagger (would allow all existing Daggers to be thrown)
Ranged Throwing Dagger


Throwing Deer Horn Knife
Melee Deer Horn Knife


Throwing Light Hammer (would allow all existing Light Hammers to be thrown)
Ranged Throwing Hammer


Throwing Shield (would allow all existing Shields to be thrown)


Throwing Spear (would allow all existing Spears to be thrown)


Throwing Starknife (would allow all existing Starknifes to be thrown)
Ranged Throwing Starknife


Throwing Trident (would allow all existing Tridents to be thrown)
Ranged Throwing Trident


Weapon Stats:

  • Weapon - Prof., range - dam.(M), crit mult. - dam. type - Special Effects (see below)
  • Blowgun - Simple, 20 ft. - 1d2, x2 - Pierce
  • Boomerang - Exotic, 30 ft. - 1d6, x2 - Bludge
  • Chakram - Martial, 30 ft. - 1d8, x2 - Slash
  • Hunga Munga - Martial, 15 ft. - 1d6, x2 - Pierce
  • Kunai - Simple, 10 ft. - 1d4, x2 - Pierce
  • Light Dwarven Pelletbow - Exotic, 40 ft. - 1d4, 19-20/x3 - Bludge
  • Heavy Dwarven Pelletbow - Exotic, 50 ft. - 1d6, 19-20/x3 - Bludge
  • Light Repeating Crossbow - Exotic, 40 ft. - 1d8, 19-20/x2 - Pierce
  • Heavy Repeating Crossbow - Exotic, 50 ft. - 1d10, 19-20/x2 - Pierce
  • Orc Hornbow - Exotic, 30 ft. - 2d6, x3 - Pierce
  • Shuriken - Exotic, 10 ft. - 1d2, x2 - Pierce - Monk
  • Sling - Simple, 30 ft. - 1d4, x2 - Bludge
  • Throwing Club - Simple, 10 ft. - 1d6, x2 - Bludge
  • Throwing Dagger - Simple, 10 ft. - 1d4, 19-20/x2 - Pierce
  • Throwing Deer Horn Knife - Exotic, 20 ft. - 1d4, x3 - Pierce - Monk, Blocking
  • Throwing Light Hammer - Martial, 20 ft. - 1d4, x2 - Bludge
  • Throwing Shield - Exotic, 20 ft. - 1d6, x2 - Bludge
  • Throwing Spear - Simple, 20 ft. - 1d8, x3 - Pierce - Brace
  • Throwing Starknife - Martial, 20 ft. - 1d4, x3 - Pierce
  • Throwing Trident - Martial, 10 ft. - 1d8, x2 - Pierce - Brace

Special Effects explanation:

  • Blocking - When you use this weapon to fight defensively, you gain a +1 Shield Bonus to AC.
  • Brace - If you use a readied action to set a Brace weapon against a charge, you deal double damage on a successful hit against a charging creature.
  • Monk - A Monk weapon can be used by a Monk to perform a Flurry of Blows.


I have excluded many Weapons for various reasons. See post after OP.

Have fun ! Sincerely.


Edit: Had to close / recreate the Poll to add the Orc Hornbow, since the Poll was missing a Bow option while featuring multiple Crossbow and throwing options. Sorry !


Link to Melee Weapons Poll: [Poll] Your preferred Melee Weapons for WotR

Link to Dinosaurs Poll: [Poll] Your preferred Dinosaurs for WotR


I have excluded the following Weapons because they are not visible enough (further Explanation): Glove Sling (unlike Hand Crossbow which are wielded, these are attached a bit like the Hidden Blade in AC).

I have excluded the following Weapons because they are or sound very clownish, are based on tools or are or sound simply overly weird (further Explanation): Throwing Wooden Stake (use Dart instead), Stingchuck, Throwing Syringe Spear, Amentum (a leather band for the Javelin that supposedly increases range from 30 to 50), Jolting Dart (basically an Electric Damage enchanted Dart), Spear-Sling (uses Javelin, Throwing Spears etc. as ammunition but you can use these standalone instead), Throwing Arrow Cord (better shoot Arrows than throw em), Ram Hammer, Chain-Hammer (= melee weapon, pick Throwing Light Hammer instead if you want to throw Hammers), Totem Spear, Sphinx Hammer, Brutal Bolas (while it looks like a decent pick it also looks overly complicated and add to the game), Double Crossbow (while it looks vastly different then a regular one and fires 2 Bolts per shot I instead added the Repeating Crossbows to the Poll that look less unwieldly and fire more Bolts), Launching Crossbow & Flask Thrower (for launching Alchemists Bombs, I guess; the throwing distance of Bombs is OK already and there are spells to get the same result so would be wasted), Grappling Hook (tool), Lasso (tool), Net & Snag Net (tool), Double Sling (way too unwieldly).

I have excluded the following Weapons because they look too much like an existing weapon (Weapon they look alike to): Throwing Brass Knife & Throwing Spring Blade & Throwing Dueling Dagger & Throwing Switchblade Knife (Throwing Dagger = Poll Option), Hurlbat (Throwing Axe), Aklys (Throwing Club = Poll Option), Maulaxe (a normal Axe with a thickened end that can be used for bashing), Knobkerrie (a wooden Light Mace), Thorn Bow (a Bow with Thorns), Crank Crossbow (a Crossbow that can attach a rope to the Bolt), Stormshaft & Shrillshaft Javelin (basically an enchanted Javelin), Stonebow (I chose the Dwarven Light & Heavy Pelletbow over the Stonebow instead since its just worse in all regards), Throwing Shortspear (Javelin, pick Throwing Spear instead since that is definitely larger than a Javelin, the Throwing Shortspear has the same stats than a Javelin but worse range so its essentially same but worse weapon), Pilum (Throwing Spear, I chose the Throwing Spear over the Pilum which is supposedly a heavier version of the Javelin since again it is basically the same weapon but has worse stats and also needs Martial Proficiency).

I have excluded the following Weapons because they need an additional asset to be viable (Asset needed to be viable): Harpoon (aquatic campaign).

I still miss the Orcish Hornbow even though I understand your choice.

Else, mostly miss the possibility of throwing the classic dagger, less classic shield (mostly buckler and light shield, heavier shields being really unwieldy) and the classic sling (or staff sling).
I would have voted blowgun too, but it would need to be used with some poison or other stuff like that.

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I added the Hornbow since my Poll had not a single Bow as an option.

Again, I seem to have a bias towards another category, this time throwing weapons :smile:.

  • Sling: When I read slings i was really baffled. Are there really no slings in the first game aside from the Sling staff? That is absurd, it’s such a classic weapon expecially for low level casters who can’t do that much at the early levels.
  • Shuriken: I know that we have zen archer so the idea of a ranged monk is already there, but I think that it would also be cool to play a ninja-like style of monk, maybe a spy or a stealthy assassin character.
  • Throwing Shield: Captain america cosplay, cmoooon, that would be great XD

I personally really like the repeating crossbows and the orc hornbow but i feel like those weapon would be too good and the only real option if you wanted to really optimize so I didn’t pick them. I considered throwing daggers too because they are classics, didn’t make the cut :wink:

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Out of the poll options I vote for Chakram.

Second vote goes to Hand Crossbow mainly because it’s the iconic weapon for the Assassin prestige class. And last but not least Axe Musket, or any firearms really, if that means getting the Gunslinger in. :wink:

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Somebody go check that, I can’t, but I’m also pretty sure it’s in PKM

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I have the same issues as with the melee weapon poll.
You already have to chose a weapon focus from a large list and hope to find a good weapon of this type.
Adding more weapon types would make it worse.

Instead I would bundle several similar weapons to one weapon type. Every bow is either a shortbow or longbow. Same for crossbows.
I do not mind having some very unique weapons, just add them to a category that already exists.
For example BG2 had a weapon that looked like your Hunga Munga and it was considered a dagger.

I vote sling, boomerang and trident

Sling was the standart weapon for most classes in the IE games. Its strange that we do not have it.
Trident ( or any other kind of spear ) was the first ranged weapon humans have developed.
Boomerang is very different from what we already have. Many games consider chakrams as part of the boomerang category, for example arcanum.

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I though the Hand Crossbow was already planned for WotR ? Im certain I heard that they are included as part of the Kickstarter campaign so I excluded the option from the Poll on purpose.

The iconic Sligns were sadly not part of Kingmaker. However there was the Slingstaff, an exotic variant that was clipping through the floor when worn by Halflings for which it was a Martial instead of an Exotic Weapon E.g. if you gave Linzi Martial Weapons Proficiency she could use it.

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I also think that the system for Weapon should be reformed. The rules we have may be useful when playing it PnP where you can limit what weapons the party can find but in a game where there are so many different Weapon types it doesnt work.

In my opinion, Weapon Focus and all other Feats that add bonuses to a single Weapon should instead give all Weapons from a Fighter Weapons Group the listed bonuses and the Fighter should have an even broader Weapon mastery to compensate for this change.

Fighter Weapon Groups:

  • Axes
  • Small Blades
  • Large Blades
  • Bows
  • Close Combat Weapons
  • Crossbows
  • Double Weapons
  • Flails
  • Hammers
  • Monk Weapons
  • Natural Weapons
  • Polearms
  • Spears
  • Thrown
  • Tribal

There is enough choice even if Fighters can select more / several of those Groups as compensation. Of course this would also apply to the Exotic Weapons Proficiency Feat which would unlock every one of the selected Exotic Weapon Groups Weapons.

The matter at hand was discussed in this thread:


please vote for chakram. look at DmC Aquila. nuff said.

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Slings were not in kingmaker at release,but they are now.Some weapons like hand crossbows have models but no animations I think.

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Yes, that would be great, having the same groups for weapon focus ( and similar feats ) as for a fighters weapon training.
It would not change the balance because its only fighters who have weapon training so they still have better hit chance and damage than others. Its just easier for everybody to avoid bad choices.

Unless you do meta gaming, like you know the place of every magic item before playing, it makes little sense to get an exotic weapon profiency, because exotic stuff is supposed to be rare. If I want to fight with small blades, I think its more likely to find several good daggers than to find several good kamas. Same for longsword vs bastard sword and so on.
Adding new weapon types would not change this.
If I want to have a ranged character its more likely to find several good bows than several good chakrams.
Exotic stuff can be great for role playing, but its hard to implement in a game were all loot is fixed and you have a “normal” fantasy setting.

Shuriken please. I want to replicate the max BAB+flurry+dual wielding+rapid shot+haste+ki attack for 12 ranged attacks per round!

I just checked Kingmaker and there is no Weapon Focus Slings to select which means there are no Slings in the game. Did you mistake Slingstaffs for Slings perhaps ? These are different, exotic variants of Slings.

Well spacehamster tells me that they are unfinished. I have seen them for sale but they have no model so not usuable then. I didnt buy because they arent all that useful imo.

That happened to several Weapons. I still remeber the need to take Weapon Focus Javelin (or Darts, Throwing Axes etc.) to get a Javelin and I never got another one though I also never played through the game.

The game also already has Weapon Focus Spiked Shields and Repeating Crossbows but I also never got any of them but unlike with the Javelin I also did not get one when starting the game with Weapon Focus Spiked Shield.

I would say hand crossbow.
But some of these ideas, we have to realize they do not work “hand in hand” or one in one.

There is reason why we have let’s say a 2 hand spear.
" The sarisa or sarissa (Greek: σάρισα) was a long spear or pike about 4–6 metres (13–20 ft) in length. It was introduced by Philip II of Macedon and was used in his Macedonian phalanxes"
That is quite different weapon compared to one handed spear or thrown spear like pilum which is way smaller.

Spears: Why they defeat swords, optimum characteristics & perfect length

Same go for dagger / knife. It must be balacend for throwing same as spear.
If we think of these 3 daggers:

I guess we all can agree that center one (Rondel dagger) is not suited for throwing, it have 12 inches (30 centimeter)+ needlepoint while full dagger was usually around 20inches (50 centimeter) but was used to punch through plate armour or stab grounded enemy in eyes from his helmet.
Now when we look for throwing knife’s we might notise that they are slimmer, have better balance and even you might be able to use them in hand to hand fight they are not as good as let’s say that Rondel dagger would be:

Allso here are some africal throwing daggers / knifes. They are not as effective in hand to hand combat I assume:

I understand your point and it makes sense, but a computer game is not realistic simulation of real world combat.

I would prefer the way BG2 did it.
Every weapon that had about this size, one end to grab it and the other end was sharp was part of the dagger category, which included everything on all of your images. Some of them could be thrown and in those cases you could select if you want to use it as ranged or melee weapons.
This may not be realistic, but it was very helpful when you had to select a weapon profiency.

In BG2 you could not use a thrown weapon for dual wielding, no matter if you use it as melee weapon or thrown. This was probably either a limitation of the engine or the devs did not know what to do when equipping a melee weapon in one hand and a ranged weapon in the other.

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