[Poll] Your preferred Dinosaurs for WotR

I wonder why more people are choosing the triceratops vs the styracosaurus? I mean the Styracosaurus is very similar to the triceratops, but it looks far more colorful and seems to be omnivorous vs the triceratops beating a herbivore.

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Its just one the best known dinosaurs. The Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor are the most iconic ones due to Jurassic Park so its only natural that they have top position in the vote even though some dinosaurs may look better (pattern / arms / colors / etc.).


I had Velociraptor in the tabletop game, so I’ll probably use either it or Deinonychus. That said, Allosaurus is tempting.

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Those size categories make no sense.

Horse and camel start large.

Elephant/mastodon start medium (get large later).
Its the largest land animal today.

Some dinos start medium, even though they are much taller than any living creature today.
For some of those dinos it is impossible to bring them into a town or a dungeon.
Imagine the following scene: A druid comes to an inn. " Hallo, I want a meal for myself and a ton of grass for my brachiosaurus. It is waiting 1 mile outside of town because the bridge to this town would collapse if it walks over it and it would destroy half of the buildings if it walks through the streets."

OK, this is the wrong place to talk about realism.
If I want to explore some ruins together with my animal in the real world, an elephant would probably not be the best choice.

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For realism, height is based on oxygen levels. Height of Dinosaurs AND the various Races.

Much oxygen = huge Dinosaurs AND Races
Real-life oxygen = medium Dinosaurs AND Races

Everything else is …

Although … the Tyrannosaurus with its already tiny arms downscaled to medium size would look 100% comical. One has to factor in the in-game model when voting and a medium / large Tyrannosaurus arms would be smaller than your smallest kitchen knife.

Luckily, both the Allosaurus and the Giganotosaurus overcome this problem. They look very much like a T-Rex but their arms are much bigger so they wouldnt look as comical when medium / large.

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Or, you know, Owlcat could just give them plumage and feathered arms. Like the majority of currently known theropods had in real life. :stuck_out_tongue:


Urghh … would not get my vote.

Statwise the Velociraptor/Deinonychus (both have the same stats) are most effective as Damage dealers, especially with a melee hunter archetype.

PS: The image you used for the Velociraptor shows movie depictions which arent even close to the real Dinosaur.


We are talking about a fantasy game.
If anyone cares for realism, it would make no sense to have an elf, a dinosaur, a mastodon and a dog in the same setting.

Since realism is out, its OK to look more at movies than museums for inspiration. Its OK if the design is made to look cool instead of realistic.

PS: I want to vote for Indominus Rex, the huge beast from jurassic world with the stealth ability.
I did not watch any newer movie from this series.

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Pathfinder usually goes its own route. Otherwise Paizo wouldn’t come out with odd designs like this triceratops and its bony, morningstar-like tail:

That’s not to say taking a realistic approach wouldn’t be cool. Nature is often times way cooler than what people come up with. The new look of spinosaurus being a case in point here. I take that over Jurassic Park’s attempt any day of the week.

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Thats actually not true.

If you look at earths history the maximum of oxygen in the atmosphere of 35% was reached at the end of the Carboniferous (300 Ma ago). Since the the Oxygen content of the atmosphere declined until 15% in the Triassic (200 - 250 Ma ago). Since then the oxygen content was raising again until 25% at ~80 Ma age (late cretaceous) and started declining from there.

Dinos existed between 235 Ma to 65 Ma ago. The largest Dinosaurs existed in the Jurassic period (145 - 200 Ma ago), which is a time of medium oxygen content in earths atmosphere.

Higher oxygen levels does produce larger arthropods. Since there exists a size limit of how much they can passively take in with their tube-like respiratory system to breathe. However, the concentration of oxygen doesn’t affect vertebrates nearly as much due to them possessing lungs. Vertebrates living on high altitutes with reduced oxygen levels simply develope larger lungs and specialized blood cells to cope with their unique environment. This can be observed even in humans today.

The main reason why dinosaurs were able to reach their colossal size is because of a combination of air sacs and hollow bones. This made them significally lighter than any mammal of a similar size category. And also the reason why elephants cannot jump without breaking their bones under their own body weight.

Tricera-ankylo-top-saurus … !?

Would vote !

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Well, lets look at the first positions.

Ankylosaurus and triceratops are there, so lets just merge them.
Tyrannosaurus and allosaurus are also very similar.

Since you like polls, what about this:
Which two animals would you like to merge into one fantasy creature?
What about an elephant with the scissors and tail of a scorpion. :wink: