[POLL] What is your favorite Alignment (and optionally why)?

  • Lawful Good
  • Lawful Neutral
  • Lawful Evil
  • Neutral Good
  • Neutral
  • Neutral Evil
  • Chaotic Good
  • Chaotic Neutral
  • Chaotic Evil

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Personally, my favorite go-to alignment for any kind of cRPG is always Chaotic Evil, because roleplay-wise it gives my character the most freedom to be and do whatever he so pleases to be and do… from a megalomanic little sadist to a ruler enslaving thousands to do his bidding.

Either way, the freedom from wordly rules (Lawful) and moral rules (Good) is the most appealing aspect to me… we have to be good in real life already, so in games I want to be able to truly let loose!

What about you all?


True Neutral trending towards Chaotic Evil would be most correct for me. I hold little interest towards either the Lawful or Good axis. Chaotic and Evi on the other hand l find the most entertaining to hang around. But other than that I’m pretty apathetic to the things around me.


I like to gravitate towards Lawful Neutral and roleplay a no-questions-asked mercenary. My second favourite is True Neutral only loyal to myself rogue type of character. In sumary, I have no strong feelings one way or the other (in the good/evil axis)


I usually play in the good spectrum, mainly in neutral good. Law is good if it supports being good. Chaos is good if the law doesn’t support being good.


Neutral good - I tend to like doing “good” deeds but bounce back and forth between “lawful” and “chaotic” actions. Although I tend to notice I’m leaning more towards “chaotic” options now days. Before I was between LG/NG, now I’m NG/CG/CN. Life is wearing me down, maybe? :wink:


I do slide around the scale quite a bit depending on RP and campaign, but when given an open choice I roll a CN rogue. I feel like it gives me the most options and freedom.

Neutral Good tends to be my go-to, though Lawful Good is a close second. I feel like NG has the best balance of focusing on doing good things and showing mercy - Lawful Good when written well can certainly compete, though I prefer the freedom of NG and the option to more freely oppose laws I disagree with. Chaotic Good is fine, but I like systems and order in society too much to fully go along with its love of freedom and rebellion.

That is an interesting statistics.

For me - I prefer to play lawful characters - especially netural and evil :slight_smile:


Hmm, I think Neutral Good, followed by True neutral. While chaotic characters can be fun to play because you get to act like a wacko, I prefer flexibility of neutral character that I’m not bound by authority and rules but also don’t needlessly oppose/disregard them while they can be useful tool. Good because I enjoy to improve things in the world, although True neutral also can be incredibly interesting character when done well. Think about guy that was dragged into a difficult situation they need to resolve and just and just want to return home, they aren’t interested in saving world, nor they are interested in destroying or ruling it.

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I was hoping that it might be of interest to the devs as well.

And it really is interesting — I’m quite surprised by how minor especially the CE faction so far is, but I wonder if we might not see a possible trend here of people in this community potentially coming from the tabletop/PnP background, where playing a Chaotic Evil character could often be prohibited due to that alignment being too detrimental to the group dynamics.

Obviously the sample group is way too small to approach something even close to representability, but nonetheless the pro-tem results do intrigue.

Lawful Good by a big margin, but I’ve played all of the non-Chaotic, non-evil alignments at some point in the past.

So, looking at the different scales, out of the current 68 it is

42 good, 12 neutral, 14 evil
21 lawful, 23 neutral, 24 chaotic

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I normally start with Neutral Evil (a proper mercenary outlook) and depending on how the game pulls me in end up around Neutral (if others treat the character well that will be remembered and repaid).

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I think you may be right on this one, in all my years of PnP I have only once played CE in a full murder hobos party. Was an interesting game, but we very quickly turned on each other.

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Wizards of the Coast looked at alignments stored on their system (tens of thousands of characters) and the dominant ones by far were Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral, just fyi.

chaotic good, just like in real life.

i could go into pretty deep stuff explaining why i view myself as being chaotic good, but basically, i am of the firm belief that the system, at least not in the US (where i’m located) isn’t structured to support goodness… and that’s all i’ll say on that, cuz no need to turn this into a political statement lmao


Interesting, is that data public by any chance, or how did you come by the knowledge?

And likewise, I am right in thinking those were all PnP characters exclusively, no video game ones at all?

Almost always pick lawful evil, though most games makes it hard to combine lawful and evil, but almost always end up going for a neutral good character in actions. Don’t know why, but being evil is almost always about being cruel, and I just don’t have it in me. Will maybe try a lawful neutral next run.

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I always pick lawful good, or in dire case some sort of neutral character if class demands it.
I think good is most straightforward in many crpgs.

Usually I end up being lawful good in games.

Personally I would consider myself lawful neutral.
If I had the power to avoid the good part in a game I want to be hardcore lawful neutral:
Law and order, no mercy.I am a law enforcer, punching people in the face if they break the law and do not surrender at once. I want to get paid for what I do unless I have promised to do it for free or it is part of my job. When I am not on a mission I train and meditate all the time to seek self perfection.

Sorry, I cannot play a chaotic char.