Poll - New Character Portraits!

Dear Pathfinders,
Many of you have asked us to add more character portraits in the game – and we hear you loud and clear! In the upcoming weeks, we are going to release a free DLC pack with a couple of new character portraits. To make the most out of it, we decided to ask you: which portraits would you like to see most in the upcoming free DLC?
We have set up a poll consisting of three parts. Firstly, you can vote on the gender and race of those depicted in the portraits. Secondly, you can vote on their class. Finally, you can also add a description of the portrait of your dream for our artists to read and draw inspiration from!


Quick question - is the poll link working for you people? Got a message that someone can’t access it.
EDIT: Turns out the person has simply already voted on the poll once. Phew!

It works fine for me.
EDIT: Ah, but you need to be logged into a google account to access the poll.

Cool, thanks!

Sweet, thanks Owlcat Team!

Successfully voted for an hag-like, female Half-Orc Blight Druid. Especially since it can also dub for an Ecclesitheurge of Gyronna. Really hope we see more portraits for elderly characters. Even more so for non-pretty females.

you need to be logged into a google account to access the poll.

Yes, that is true. This is to make sure that everyone can vote only once - I hope you understand why this is important.

(because otherwise I would vote for another Inquisitor portrait like a 1,000 times)

Edit: Sorry about that… -_-’

So, if you see a poll with a male elf inquisitor with no description, you can ignore it (real mine is the charismatic half-elf magus duellist ;p )

Really, I just wnat ot see a wider array of the non human races in various classes.

I think I’d like new character creation options the most, such as:

-Enable “heritage” options for all races, not only Aasimar - in other words, optional racial traits.
-Feats from the feat wishlist thread(s).
-Traits (how about making them random?).
-Yes, the hellknights please (basically armiger fighter archetype + two prestige classes).
-Dhampir, geniekin and tieflings of course.
-One more archetype for each class (except wizards, who should get sixteen - thinking about the sub-schools).
-Deity-specific cleric spells.

EDIT: Ah, wrong thread.

[QUOTE=k0tarsis;30291]Yes, that is true. This is to make sure that everyone can vote only once - I hope you understand why this is important./QUOTE]

I’d say we really need more less pretty portraits and more evil / shady looking ones too. But as we have aasimars but no tieflings that should not surprise too much, or the possibility to use custom images like one could in Baldurs Gate and other DnD-CRPGs.

Wouldn’t it be simpler and less offensive to host the poll here?
1: About 25% of internetusers don’t have and / or don’t want a google account (not even use google for searches). Assuming the statistics represent the kingmaker players, hosting the poll on google while forcing the voters to have a google account means you say “gfy” to a number of people around one third of the people who actually voted.[SPOILER]I know i bloated the numbers a tiny bit, it’s only 22% of internet searches for which google wasn’t used in september 2018.[/SPOILER]
2: It would lure people who play the game (i strongly assume no others would vote on that poll) into the forum where all the other infos are, including technical issues / bug reports. I strongly believe that would have been less offensive, as one can assume that over a few years nearly every player will encounter at least one bug and searching for a way to get rid of it or at least a way to get around it (we all know how bad the customer service for computer games usually gets after a few years, right?).

It’s possible to vote more than once

OK, I guess I need to explain something.

Of course we know that it is possible. Still, this measure cuts the amount of multiple-time voters drastically, and makes it harder to develop bots for mega-voting.

However, in the future, if you read that something is important to us and you think there is a way to screw with that important thing, do not post a how-to in a public space for all to see. By doing this, you’re basically inviting people to make my life a little more difficult. Instead, please, inform me in a private e-mail (kotarsis@owlcatgames.com) or a message.

I’ve already deleted a post by a different user with that same info, but it seems you folks are intent on making sure I know about this. So I’ll use the opportunity to deliver this PSA instead. Once again, I’m thankful for the sentiment, but please, try to be more discreet when posting next time.

Wouldn’t it be simpler and less offensive to host the poll here?

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t. It would force all the players we asked on Facebook and Vkontakte and Steam and everywhere else to register an account with this forum if they want to vote (I would assume the number of people without an account here is significantly higher than 25% of internet-users…)
Also, that would decrease the number of voters by orders of magnitude - and make the poll significantly less useful. Just compare the amount of views to the amount of replies a thread gets. Generally, if anything on the Web takes more than scrolling or clicking a link, a thousand times less people are going to do it.

It would lure people who play the game (i strongly assume no others would vote on that poll) into the forum

Well, since we view this forum as our platform, for us it seems less offensive to offer an established third-party solution than to try and lure people onto our site. Even if the third-party solution is not universally loved.

I feel like this would have been better with checkboxes or ranked choices, as opposed to radio buttons.

You also didn’t post the poll on GoG.

Just saying.

So… is it already known which votes did make the cut for the portrait DLC? It’s been three weeks since the poll was posted after all.

Any chance of getting more diverse official player portraits in the future? For example, there’s only one black male official character portrait, it would be nice to perhaps get a couple more…a spellcaster and rogue type would be nice to provide some additional options.

I think when there were making the human sorcerer portrait i think there were also was watching the sorcerer’s apprentice

I have just find this out you can have a hat like that in pathfinder but not in pathfinder kingmaker which is kinda funny in of it itself here is a link to the hat http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/h-l/hat-magician-s/

Agreed we need more unique portraits added to this game