Please stop porting broken versions of PC games to consoles

AKA - Save Error (the game telling you that there’s not enough room to save the game no matter how many files you delete, in case you are unfamiliar with this…)

This is addressed to the Developers, not snarky PC elitist forumites who may feel inclined to chime in with nasty remarks…

There is simply no excuse for the condition that this game is in. I can understand framerate dips or minor graphical issues… Minor bugs are just a part of life these days and very few companies live up to the standards of yesteryear… but to release a game that you KNOW will eventually prevent the player from saving??? I had avoided reading anything about this game beforehand to avoid spoilers (BIG mistake and one I will never again repeat for any game), but after encountering this issue I read some of your company’s responses and saw that you knowingly released a game for full price that would eventually become unplayable because you couldn’t figure out how to make something as basic as saving the game work? Are you serious?

There’s also that problem with pressing “X” (on X box) during combat locking up the game… I can’t believe I wasted any time at all trying to come up with a solution for a problem that hadn’t been fixed in years and would eventually become irrelevant because I wouldn’t even be able to
save the game even if it did get fixed. Again, this is why no story surprises are worth not researching a game’s buggy nature beforehand… fellow console players please heed this warning.

Thankfully I only paid $25 for this piece of crap game, but that was still too much. $5 would have been too much considering how broken it is. I guess I can just leave it at that since you already have my money, but know that I will never buy another of your products and I’m going to do my part to spread the word elsewhere. Absolutely ridiculous…


Thats kinda ironic since PC-games complain just the same just the other way around. :smiley:

It’s not as bad for PC players though. Just look at the PSN and XBL marketplaces, they are loaded with poorly optimized and barely functional ports of PC and mobile games, many languishing away in a broken or incomplete state, all offered at prices greatly marked up from their counterparts offered on those other platforms. And it’s only getting worse. Just another visage portending of the inevitable industry crash later this decade.

I agree with you, but they didn’t know this bug existed. They were as surprised as we were.

The sad thing is not that the bug exists, but that it still exists months after release.
And that we don’t know if this bug will ever be fixed because there has been radio silence for weeks. Maybe the team is working hard to fix the bug and will surprise us all in a few days / weeks. Maybe not. Who knows.