Please show chance to hit

Can we please get hit% (or required roll) displayed above the target’s head when aiming a spell or attack in turn based mode?

It’s pretty annoying not having this information readily available, as it is essential information when deciding who to target with particular spells. I know I can calculate this myself manually but it’s tedious to do this and it requires me to know the exact pathfinder PnP rules, which I don’t.

You get a feel for it pretty fast if you use the inspect button, keep your knowledge/lore skills up, and read the Combat Log (mouse over breaks it down for you).

In Roundbase combat you see the needed rolls (even thou this isnt always accurate). I think that there is an option for the other combat mode too. But i dont know where it is located

The problem with learning from the combat log is that you only get that info after you’ve already performed the attack, and likewise in round based combat you only get shown the required roll after you’ve committed to the attack.

I do understand it’s all calculatable but I just think from a quality of life perspective, it should definitely be shown to the user as a simple number over the head of your target - just like in Divinity Original Sin or Wasteland

I understand. it would be better that way. But from a roleplay perspective you shouldn´t be able to tell this unless you already hit one of the unit types.
I would like the concept, but i think this will more likely be a user mod than a real game thing.


I get what you’re saying. If they can somehow make it an option that can be toggled on/off then its a win-win. I haven’t been able to find a mod that does this unfortunately :frowning:

yeah, but unlucky for you i am not able to play on pc anymore cause i dont have one good enough for even simple playing. So i cant help you with finding a mod, but i wish you the best of luck with this one :wink:

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It actually cannot really be done reliably in real-time, as circumstances may change from the moment you begin the action and the moment it is done. Some other action (spell, befuddling attack, etc. ) may be done in-between that would change, sometimes drastically, the target’s AC, status, or saves.

I think you would check the hit chance while unseen or when you pause otherwise that would be too much effort for mod

Sorry, I was suggesting this for turn-based mode only lol. 100% would not be viable for real time xD