Please just give us Gunslingers with the Musket Master

Thats it, thats all I want. I will literally pay all the monies to have the gunslinger class. Dont give me that nonsense about guns not fitting in the high fantasy setting. Do you even know Golarion bro? Do you even Alkenstar bro? Besides wand diddling wizards need to be brought down a peg or two. Which can be done with a properly made gunslinger musket master. And screw them plate armoured fighty bois, they can get alchemical cartridged too, aint nobody got time to worry about that high AC. Dont make me whip out the double hackbutt with a cohort helper via leadership feat, we finna theoretically drop tarrasques in one round up in here.

While i´m sure the devs know Golarion very well since Kingmaker and didn´t gave us gunslingers (until now) because they decided the man hours needed to code that would be better spent in other features, i agree that i´d love to see this class and would buy a DLC only to get it (and early firearms, of course).