Please Help - Kingmaker Collector's Edition Backer

Good evening all,

Apologies for posting this here. I have not received my backer Premium Collectors Edition with additional Companion Mini-Figure. Could someone please contact me regarding this? I’ve tried the team@owlcat email and several private message with no luck. Just to be clear I have transferred everything to the backer portal (probably 2 years ago) and have received my digital rewards back during that time. I’ll be happy to remove the post when I’ve made contact with someone. I just didn’t know what else to try, so please forgive this move.

Many thanks for your time.

Did you get any shipping confirmation back then at all?
If so, check if you got a tracking number/name of carrier… though it might be too late now, you could always try contacting them to see if the package got misplaced/was lost, etc…

If you haven’t gotten a shipment confirmation at all, then it’s more likely that your order somehow got lost at Owlcat/their fulfillment partner of the time.

Hey there, thanks for the reply, I got no shipping info at any time.

If any one can help or has any further recommendations please let me know. Loving the game and would like to hear back from someone at Owlcat regarding this and see if there are any options left to me.

Many thanks all.

Thank you for the suggestion of reaching out on Discord, I made contact with one of the devs, let’s see where it goes.

Thanks again!