Please dear owlcats, be sure to change a few things in Pathfinder 2

Hello there !

Im just enjoying P1 and im not finished yet, but i have a few suggestions and has some asks for ya for the 2. part.

  1. Most important: Pls by the love of god, DO NOT IMPLENT something like the barony-stuff in the 2. Part OR make it optional. (we have an automatic system for the 1. game, but its not rly automatic and should be rly automatic)
    Its rly no fun to do all that boring problems e.g. and ranking up and wait and wait and wait…till you finally can go out again and explore the world :frowning:
    That just slows the game so much down and its getting boring after some hours alrdy.

  2. Pls let us chose some neutral actions or even bad, if you don t have the alignment for it. It just felt so wrong that i cannot be neutral at the mites and kobolds :frowning:

3.Pls let heavy armor be rly good again and not some +fancy+stuff like strange monk auras/stances and so on. That feels so wrong in an rpg. Also let heavy weapon dual wield be a good thing again. Im bored of those light weapons ! Also bring some more variety of different magical weapons into the game. Of some kind like dwarven weapons i rarely saw any good magical weapons. Even in the dwarven ruins?! That should be the best place for rly good dwarven weapon+armor stuff ! Maybe (if it was too early in the game) put in next time some quests or research later to dig even further into the ruins and find even more monsters+better stuff :slight_smile:

  1. Pls don t put soo much +skill checks+ into the game. Here and there some are ok, but sometimes if its rly important you have to save-scum so often. Thats rly not fun, esp. not at crafters later.

  2. pls add an Option in part 2 so we can see our playtime at our savegames, i rly miss that <3 !!

But except from that i rly love the game. Pls continue the good work and make P2 what was BG 2 in the BG series :))


1.) There is no kingdom management.
In this game you have to build and command an army to fight demons so you can explore further on the map.

2.) There are tons of options for each alignment and also options without alignment.

3.) It is possible to play with heavy armor, only enemies with touch attacks can be a problem then. Buff yourself, debuff the enemy and use summons as meat shield and you are fine.
You need a light weapon in the off hand or a double weapon to dual wield without a huge penalty. All double weapons are exotic which means you will not find many of them.

4.) The game has many skill checks, else skills would be meaningless

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if owlcat need anything for next game after wrath… it would be a new engine. maybe consider license from larian?

  1. Whaaaat? I really like kingdom mechanics. They were important part of the game. In part 2 it will be crusade mechanic, they are different of course, but are similar too.
  2. Why was it wrong? This way alignment will be useless. I don’t want to see useless alignment.
  3. It is no dodges in the game so armour and dodges are both called defense. Warrior ignors most hits because they cannot overpass his heavy armor and monk ignors most hits because he dodges them. And someone can combine this 2 defense methods.
    I can agree with second part of this chapter - we need more race weapons, more thrown weapons, more magic weapons and so on.
  4. Wait, less skill checks? In the DnD game? Are you serious?

I wouldn’t use Larian engine which is in my opinion very different and would change too much the essence of Owlcat game.
I really enjoy that game play.

This post reads like it comes from someone who is not a fan and player of the original TTRPG that spawned this game. The things that are mentioned, the Kingdom building, the Skill checks, they ground the game firmly in the realm of the original TTRPG.

What I would love to see going forward is Human ethnicities that provide bonuses. I wanna be able to create Kellids, Varisians, Chelaxians and Ulfen (Obviously Ulfen considering my username ;-))

This isnt pathfinder 2. Its still first edition.

Also owlcat didnt write pathfinders core rules. Wizards of the coast wrote D&D 3.5 and paizo used the open games license for that edition to write pathfinder 1e

1: They were making a version of Kingmaker for the PC, a kingdom building system was inevitable. They knew it wouldn’t be for everyone which is why they included an option so that the kingdom can’t fail. I imagine they’ll have a similar option for the army system in WOTR. You do know you can go out and explore while your advisors are working on tasks, right?

2: I agree here, it is frustrating to be locked out of some choices because of alignment. I would rather there be a bigger alignment shift or other consequences for those choices rather than just be locked out of them.

3: AC from heavy armor has always had a limited use in higher levels, mainly due to the way bonuses to hit scale. Not sure what you mean by dual-wielding heavy weapons, outside of a few corner cases dual wielding has always been almost exclusively for light weapons. I would like to see some way to order custom weapons or magic items in the game. It would have been nice to have in Kingmaker, especially given the large swaths of downtime between parts.

4: Skill checks are a part of the game, not much to do about that.

5: I’ve no real opinion on that.

It’d be okay to be able to choose ethnicities, but I wouldn’t want to see any difference outside of interactions with NPC’s. There definitely shouldn’t be mechanical differences.