Please add this easy Multiplayer mode

Idea for both Kingmaker and WotR:
An endless dungeon you can play with your friends on peer-to-peer servers, since you’re not providing multiplayer because of the resources it would consume. This would make a lot of people happy at a low resource budget…

What you describe as an easy multiplayer mod would mean rewriting large parts of the code to work.


This feature already exists as a DLC for kingmaker.
Only thing missing is the possibility of having it as a peer to peer for multiplayer option.

I’m not a coder so I don’t know for a fact how much work it would be to add the peer to peer function. It was a guess that it would not be that much extra work.

So this is undoable at a low resource budget?

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I have been waiting for such a long time for a game like this, that I can play with my friends.
the security part, it would be something you do with friends… not someone you dont know. Like old days Diablo for example…

Imagine a dungeoncrawler that you can play with friends that looks this good and has pathfinder ruleset… I would be extremely pumped for something like this. As I am sure a lot of other people would as well… :smiley:

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I remember playing Baldur’s Gate with friends in the early 2000’s, when each of us had ADxL connections.
An oldie, but still good according to many players. Don’t know whether the Enhanced Edition still has the feature, or even if it still works on today’s networks, or if it is secure…


I think we have to remember that we will have players from GoG, Steam, PS4, Xbox One, new Playstation (5 I guess) and new X-box.

So how will all of them be able to see open games and be able to join them… …I am not expert but I have a feeling that would be a bit of a problem.

Allso how it would be working, what I mean is: would you have to create a server machine, download something extra for it and boot up that machine, give it an IP and then connect for it and let others know it’s IP and they would allso have to connect for it?

I guess that would be easiest option to create something like that for few players. But how good (fast) net you would need if you would just “normally” start playing a game and create server letting other people in for you PC/laptop/console? How much it would need extra space? Run an server background and maybe letting others play while you are away. Or would server allways die if you would leave / your game would crash or so?

There are many things to consider, doing Diablo kind of server mean big company like Blizzard who spend constantly money for they server and do all the work letting people play (and you would need to have net connection every time you want to play the game, even singleplayer game…).

Allso no mods, because you would get first inspection if all your files are in order, if there is new version of the game and so on, then server would maybe reload all your game files if there are some modifications and after you can play the game.

Afaik, there is no such thing as “easy” netcode. Remember Doom had netcode that overloaded university networks with the first release.

Don’t waste time in multiplayer pls especially an indie studio which don’t have a lot of money. Much prefer a single player masterpiece than a multiplayer that will bound to have no people playing as time goes on. Not to mention peer to peer is really no no multiplayer experience.

I played this p2p grimdawn I can tell you how bad multiplayer p2p were not to mention latency and having no players

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I will dig up this little old topic. I have a whole team (and even more.) We played icewind dale, neverwinter and divinity - campaigns. Mainly there are 3 pairs of us but i know a few people who do not live in a relationship with people who like RPG, and like to play with friends too. From time to time we will returned to old games, especiall on some online servers. As old friends, we would also like to go through the Pathfinder campaigns together. We are players raised on paper RPG, so these games are also a kind of “discord” sessions for us, everyone plays their character.