Please add pages to threads


Every other forum I know splits a thread in several pages when there are many posts.
The moderators often start a new thread if the old one has too many pages.
Only this one puts all posts on one page.
If you open a thread and you want to get to the other end ( first post or latest post) you have to scroll forever because the site loads only a few posts at a time.

Using different pages would help to get to the bottom or top. If you want something in between you have to search a long time anyway, no matter how it is displayed.


There is a really usefull and easy to use slider on the right side of the page which lets you access basically the exact post you want to read without scrolling and loading other pages and it also shows the date of the post so it is really easy to understand where to look for what you are searching. I actually quite enjoy this style of threads, I just needed some time to get use to it.

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