Playing the Feyspeaker, the meta

I’m planning to take Feyspeaker with leopard and play this game again.
I have trouble choosing the right spells, especially early game - this is my biggest problem with druids, most of spells are weirdy and don’t recognize them and I don’t know what they do
I have planned to choose elf as a race, so stats are as follows:
elf, str 14, dex 16, con 8, int 14, wis 10, cha 16
skills: athletics, knowledge arcane, lore nature, perception, persuasion
spells must haves: aspect of the falcon, barkskin, healing spells, buffs, entange
feats: bow feats, buffer feats, persuasive
weapon of choice: Longbow

Linzi, Tristian, Valerie, Octavia, Regongar
builds: Regongar Dragon Disciple, Valerie Stalwart Defender, Tristian Mystic Theurge + Sorcerer
alternatives are Jubilost or Ekundayo

Difficulty: custom difficulty slightly above normal, between challenging and normal

Your job is to rate this setup, give me idea about feats and spells, meaning bests spells to use and best feats to use on feyspeaker, open to multiclassing, but not with monk.
thank you

You should know that feyspeakers have only low BAB, like a wizard. They learn some wizard illusion or enchantment spells. Many players use them as shifters, so you are a smilodon that is fully buffed, including mage stuff like mirror image.
You should probably not dump con and if you want to cast something else than buffs and summons you should max out cha.
They are not good as archers, playing a ranger would be better then.

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Why did you choose Feyspeaker?

Druid has the fewest ranged abilities of any class. You can’t even equip a Xbow, let alone a Bow (Elf gets Longbow of course but you’re down a Feat from Human as well as the extra Human Skill Pts). This can create some awkward early game action economy (by midgame you have enough spells or can Wild Shape) but since you’re CHR-based unlike other Druids you have a strong Demoralize with unlimited uses.

If you still want to go Ranged for RP reasons one way to go would be to pick up Staff Sling proficiency since no one else can use them anyway. Might want to switch to Human then since that costs an extra Feat. Eventually you’ll be able to get a lot of STR with Frightful Aspect and the Staff Sling has STR to damage with Bludgeoning type unlike other Ranged weapons.

Should be interesting against a certain Lich who’s weak to Bludgeoning damage.

But yeah main strength of Feyspeaker is access to Mirror Image which is wasted at range. You’ll likely be happier casting or shifting and fighting alongside your pet.

Dumping CON is a really bad idea since it leads to fast fatigue when traveling. Best to just take 12 there.

The game is designed around using different companions for different settings for which they’re best suited instead of having a set group. So for instance Harrim gets +4 AC vs Trolls and Zombie Giants so does well in those Chapters and Nok Nok has special interactions with Goblins, Amiri with Barbarians, etc so pays to have a plan for each companion and how they fit together including when to leave each one on the bench.

Reg as DD is worse than straight Scion. Likewise with Tristian who gets some Sorceror-style spells as he goes and needs to stay single classed for his caster level and Touch of Good.

Druid has good early game buffs with nice offensive options like Cave Fangs and Firestorm later on, and it’s easier to beat saves on Normal so you don’t have to dedicate as many Feats to that as you do on higher difficulties.

One way you could have fun is to take Reach Metamagic and just fill your spell book up with Touch spells cast at Reach range.