Playing on a PS5

Despite my negative post, I actually picked up Kingmaker for my PS5. It was on sale for 20 dollars, so I bit the bullet and purchased it.

I’ve actually had a stable play through so far. At first, the game was crashing often, but once I turned off auto-save, and left the number of auto saves and quick saves at 1, and set all the settings for turn based to off, and I leave the game in RTwP mode, I have had Zero crashes in over 20 hours of gameplay.

I still use turn based mode, but I just switch to it by hitting R3. I’m mainly playing in RTwP mode though. If I lose a few times, I will switch to turn-based mode. I also manually save my games, and I only keep 5 save game files.


Nice to know, thx.

Great someone has got around console version bug mess.

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Your problem is gonna be endgame. Certain areas have a large number of NPCs or enemies and it becomes real unstable.

I got through it, but it was a slog.

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I had heard it was doable after last patch on next gen but that near the last acts it would involve carefull managing of the game memory and your savefiles. Personally however i tended to either mismanage myself out if an ending i pursued in the past or an importmoment of a dlc by accident. So after having deleted my 3rd attempt after accidently misanswering a dreamsequence and only discovering after a few hours i have now been waiting for about 3 months for a patch before i try again.

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The slowdown, crash, and memory issues aren’t a huge issue on PS4 Pro / PS5.

But the saving bug, as Malril already wrote, is still there and occurs sooner or later.

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Hopefully, they will release the next patch before I get to end-game :slight_smile: You can definitely feel the game load slower the more you play.

I’m not going to even try to start another playthrough until I get a new gen console. I’m stuck with this POS port, but I still want to play the game.

It’s a piece of garbage port though. That can’t be understated. Seriously Owlcat, you should be ——ing ashamed of yourselves that you released a product in such a pathetic state. No bull—— excuses.

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How far did you get before you just could not go on, and what console are you trying to play on?

Yeah, it’s a definite disappointment that Owlcat would treat there fan base like this. I backed their latest game, but unless they fix this game, I will not be spending anymore money on their games. Even though I’m managing to have a good play thorough so far. The game hitches every 10 to 15 seconds, which is just sad. It doesn’t ruin the game, but this should not be happening. And it looks like, even though I have avoided the save game issue in the early game, that I will start to suffer from it at some point.

The worst thing for me as a customer, is the radio silence the community is dealing with. Owlcat has decided to just not release any information regarding the next patch, and I just can’t support a developer that does that. Hopefully, we will hear something soon.


One of the patch notes mentions fixing it. Obviously I haven’t tested it but I got my fingers crossed.

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most patch notes from owlcat games mention fixing things that are usually not only not fixed, but usually further broken

It sounds like you also haven’t tested it.

the latest patch? no i haven’t

every other patch? yes not only did i play them, but i also bug and beta tested them for free, via this forum.

Should probably try the latest path before curing about it then.

that’s mostly spelled wrong… not sure what your trying to say…