Player Survey - Let Us Know What You Think!

Dear pathfinders,

As you all know, we’re constantly at work, trying to make our game better, easier to understand and more comfortable to play. Apart from this, right now we’re busy developing a console version of Pathfinder: Kingmaker. We love getting feedback from our players. In order to better understand your needs and to make a few important decisions about future development, we’ve decided to conduct this survey. It turned out to be pretty substantial in size, and still, we would like to ask you to spend a little time and help us out. Your insight and experience as the kings and queens of the Stolen Lands would be invaluable to us!

Done and done :slight_smile:

Eh, I don’t know if I finished the survey - after I finished the question on Dragon Age: Inquisition, I clicked on the link below, which took me to a page written in Russian…

Also, just want to mention that Q16&17, Q19&20, Q21&22 are identical :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope Owlcat Games don’t take the popularity of PoE, D:OS2 and other games too seriously - I love Kingmaker as it is, and I hope Owlcat Games keep their own vision and don’t get too affected by other game features.

Same here. I hope it worked!

Hmm, just get information / question:

Хотите создать свой собственный опрос?
Узнайте, что думают Ваши потенциальные клиенты, покупатели, сотрудники. Прямо сейчас бесплатно отправьте до 10 вопросов 100 получателям.
So I hope this went well. Anyway few thoughts / feedback:

  • Pathfinding. It is still same level as in Baldur’s Gate. Sure it work OK if you have only open space between opponents, all can rush/walk toward enemies. But narrow areas… …not so. Many times enemies or party members get stuck in each other and time to time Amiri or some other just start running a circle when (s)he can not get to enemy instead of party member back…

  • Ranged attacks: even still enemies do not try to keep they distance or try to switch for melee weapon (and maybe shield) when companion/PC get in they melee range.

I personally would prefer that most fights would start: everyone try to use long range weapon while moving forward, then use pilium or throw an axe or knife, then clash in for melee fight. Naturally mages, most ranged weapon types and so on would keep using they long distance weapons. IF these let’s say a druid with a bow/spells get attacked (s)he would transform an animal form and start using melee attacks. Now that would be more challenge and good example of fight.

Allso if you are ambushed they should have allready they buff’s on and we should start with paused “battle is on, they are attacking us” kind of situation. Can not imagine that bandits were polite enough to give they targets time to buff and just stand there waiting untill they enemies get close enough to actually fight… …or just walk backward and move away. What bandits in Stolen Land area seem to be doing? O_O

  • “AI” generally. They do not know when to stand still, when to defend, when to rush toward enemy. If there are key defence points or so they do not realize it, like staying top of the well defended cliff and shoot they arrows / spells from there behind wooden wall instead of trying to rush in melee kind of thing. Or letting they mage use grease spell and they melee warriors try to taunt ours to attack across that grease area.

BTW this feedback do not mean that I do not love your game or Pathfinder as gamesystem. I do think this is best RPG game since Baldur’s Gate in computer games and I wait around 20 year to get it. So thank you. But you can do it better so waiting for next game… :slight_smile:

Yup, I had the same issue at the end of my survey as others have mentioned above.

Also, agree with @purpleblob that Owlcat should not look to just copy what others have done with their games. I love this game precisely because it is unique and different from other recent games in this genre.

I especially would hate turn-based combat replacing RTwP, and would note again that RTwP is one of those features in this game that makes it unique and stand out in a sea of TB games.

Done. Ideally the game should have BOTH a RTwP option and a Turn-Based option, but if I could choose only one it would definitely be Turn-Based.

Yeah, I definitely prefer RTwP over TB as well :slight_smile:

The two things i would add to kingmaker and that is to let us be able to pick a deity for our none divine characters i just find it odd that every other npc or companions can have a deity but not the main character? the other thing is to have more deities to pick from i would like to have nalinivati or ydersius for my serpentine sorcerer



Responded to your survey, but I should warn you that it isn’t loading properly. I’m using chrome, and when I opened the link, I thought the page had failed to load. Turns out I had to scroll down to bring up the survey. It was weird. Also, aside from the survey, the rest of the page and site is in Russian. This is obviously because you guys actually are Russian, but I suggest posting an English survey link if at all possible. I’m surprised you didn’t have two separate surveys actually, one in Russian and the other in English.

Edit: Was I suppose to do anything else after clicking what I assume was the submit button at the end of the survey? I’m not sure because I couldn’t read the page that opened after…

honestly, for the AI issues, I believe that incorporating macros such as in dragon age origins (DA inquisition is one of the poorest AI management I’ve ever seen in my entire life) would solve most problems for the less efforts required.

pathfinding during combat is a problem as well, but it is so in every RTWP crpg game.

Instead of enter
This brings up an english version of survey except for the last page

orrrr, it did before, not sure why this doesn’t work now

Thanks for trying, Zodoz - and everyone for pointing out the language problems! The person making the survey was new to SruveyMonkey, so they messed up a few things. We’ll try to do better next time!

And, of course, thank you very much for taking the time and completing this pretty lengthy survey! Thanks to your input, we now have a ton of info to work with and to make better, more informed decisions. You people are great :smiley:

The only thing i can think that needs more work in pathfinder kingmaker is the familiars in pathfinder familiars are supposed to help you in combat like casting spells

If this means turn based combat is coming i will be so happy.

I can’t seem to take the survey and it’s in Russian. How can I take it?

A new survey!
There is such a deep connection between RPGs and dungeons, that sometimes it seems there couldn’t be an RPG without one. There are many dungeons in the Pathfinder: Kingmaker (even an endless one in DLC!) and we want to know your opinion about them:

Done and done.

Done as well! Perhaps you should post this on a separate thread? Not sure how many people will notice that the new survey is out.