Physical rewards

Not huge, but curious when Physical rewards are shipping?

As we can read from here:


Please note that pledges containing a boxed edition will be shipped about a month after release! We’re sorry for making you wait a little longer - however, you will also find game keys on the backer portal, meaning you won’t miss out and get to start playing alongside everybody else.


So around 2-3 week still (atleast).

Hey Pathfinder, nice to see you respond. I guess I should have put a note in that I’m actually asking the devs for an updated timeline. I did in fact see that post. I’m looking for a more specific answer as it pertains to a couple of table top games I’m both running and playing in.

Thanks for the answer though!

It’s been about a month, just curious if we can get an update or rough timeline.

kotarsis Collaborator 1 day ago

Hey, everyone! Just a few answers to some of the more common questions:

  • Physical rewards: there will be a big update on that next week! Quick version is that most of your goodies - cloth maps, dice, T-shirts, posters and art-books - have already been manufactured and are ready to be shipped! The physical game copies, as well as the miniatures, are still being produced. Once their manufacturers are finally done, we’ll start shipping! The ETA on that is, as mentioned, a few weeks. [/i]

This is taken from: <= comments below the maintext.

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Any update on my physical rewards, been trying for almost a year and a half now to get them

Can you, please, contact me via ?

I will try again, I still haven’t received anything and have reached out almost every other month since this started being late.

Just another update. Still no physical rewards.