Physical Rewards Status Update (and a Collector's Edition Unbboxing Video!)

Hello there, everyone!

A lot of you have been asking questions regarding your Pathfinder: Kingmaker goodies, and I’m pleased to inform you that most of the rewards have been sent out. In fact, most of you should receive their package in about 2 weeks or a month tops. More details here:


I’ve already posted this in the physical rewards thread in General Discussion, but I thought perhaps it may gain some extra visibility here.

I missed my chance to pledge for the Kickstarter CE but I’d love to buy one now. If anyone who bought it wants to sell for whatever reason, please contact me:

andreacolombo86 (at) gmail (dot) com

I live in Europe but will consider buying from outside the European Union too.

I wanted to mention I still have not seen my physical rewards. Is there a way to track it?

I was told no, there is no way for them to track it. I even asked about paying the extra fee to have mine tracked. No dice.

So if we still haven’t received our physical rewards at this point, what is the next course of actions for us? Do we need to fill out a form of some kind? Or are we just SOL at this point?

So if we still haven’t received our physical rewards at this point, what is the next course of actions for us?

A batch of 64 Collector’s Editions was sent out yesterday. Maybe yours is one of them?
In any case, we’re not leaving anyone behind - we’ll be dealing with people who are missing their shipments on a one-on-one basis. Please, get in touch with me via and let me know how things are going.

k0tarsis, I tried emailing you last month, but I didn’t hear anything.

Is there any word on other folks who have not yet received their physical rewards? I backed at the In-Game Weapon/Armor Creator level, but I have yet to see anything. It’s honestly a little frustrating.

I know all the shipping is undoubtedly stressful for the team as well, but is there any more information you could share? Thanks!

I still haven’t received my physical rewards, is there a way to get an update?

Still looking for my physical rewards and an answer. I’ve reached out via email, via posts here, and posts on Kickstarter. How do I get a response.

Still looking for my physical rewards. You keep saying it will be sent out but haven’t seen any follow up. It feels like your ghosting me

Still haven’t received physical rewards