Physical reward Kingmaker campaign


I’ll try my luck here on the forums. Since I’m not getting a reply on my emails to owlcatgames, kickststarter or facebook.
Until now I stil didn’t receive my physical rewards from the pathfinder kingmaker campaign.
If needed I can send all the emails, receipts, my backer number.

I’m dissapointed that until now I didn’t receive the physical rewards, or any response on my communication to owlcat.

hope to hear soon.

Kind regards,

did you transfer the pledge to owlcat forum?
are stolen shipments a thing in your country?

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Germany here, so all the 1st world bla bla checked here, but even in my big city, right in the city center, we had trouble with thieving DHL delivery personnel before… so that does indeed sound like a possibility.

On top of that, packages can also get lost in transit without any malice, but without knowledge of the actual carrier(s) used for the transit chain, it’s next to impossible to get any kind of investigation going… and based on the level of service paid for by the sender, it might even be uttlerly impossible, had that been an untracked, uninsured level of service.

Either way, Agonis, I’m sorry to say that it seems very likely that either one of those cases might have affected you, given the significant delay.

That said, I’m not with Owlcat nor any of their fulfillment partners, so this is just educated guessing.

Yes I transferred my pledge.
I’ve never had problem with a shipment before, but it can always happen…

Anything can happen with packages. What bothers me most is the silence after I’ve tried emailing, and contacting them on facebook. and I’ve checked my spam folder regularly…


I have answered your email.


thank you for answering my email.