Physical changes

Hello, I do not know, if its already planned, so I am sorry if I make a useless suggestion. But I would like if ascending, there should also be physical changes, like body parts, glows etc. and additional NPCs could react to it.


U mean like when you get wings? I think that is the only visible physical change we could see in kingmaker. It would have been great also if you get a non draconic bloodline (like undead or fey etc) you could see a visual difference in the character too. In wotr it would be awesome to see that, specially in shamans and oracles

Yes I mean visual. Like if you grow claws, you can also see them, or if you have an aura/halo/whatever glows, you can also see it glowing. I do not thing that it can be so much work, as there already spells which transforms or let glow, but if you affect certain body parts, I do not know how flexible it can be.

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It will also be good if we can change character portrait mid-game too, so we can change it to suit the mystic path that we choose

You can do this with a mod for Kingmaker and it was quite easy so I wouldn’t fret. As for more changes OP how do you expect claws to show up? Your hands aren’t as visible as say wings or halos (which are already supported). It’s an awesome idea though, I will give you that.

I agree with you Lamiosa that when we grow claws that we need to be able to see it in the video game like if you pick the serpentine bloodline and get the snakeskin the cac skin needs to change in the video game it’s kinda pointless to say that you have snakeskin but the cac skin is the same before even getting the feat

But what you say is way too much work for an isometric CRPG, especially one made by 40 Russians with a Kickstarter budget. There are hundreds of abilities/spells/feats that affect your character’s body which would require thousands of additional textures, animations meshes …, so it’s simply not possible to do this for them sadly.

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Sadly you are right it would be a lot of work to make this happen in WotR :frowning:

This is so true. Equations and die roll cost little. Animations and models cost a lot. From my time on the forum, I’ve learned that the PNP crowd wants the computer-version of their game to imitate the PNP, but doesn’t entirely understand that some systems don’t translate well or don’t add much to a computer game or cost too much in comparison to other opportunities.


All the PnP crowd don’t want the same things and have not the same understanding of the video game world. Generalization often misses many points… :wink:

Fair point. I overgeneralized. Let me say it this way: just because certain features worked in PNP, it doesn’t mean that those features work in a computer simulation. Some people don’t appreciate the extremely important role that the GM plays by introducing flexibility into the game and adapting rules, or appreciate the absolutely inflexible role that a computer plays.

This thread obviously isn’t an example of that. It’s an example of a different issue: not understanding the “cost” of adding certain features to a game. Admittedly, this is an area I know less about now than I did a few years ago because some tools and pricing have changed, and Russia was never my market. But animations and models can be a huge cost sink, and one of the advantages of a CRPG from a business perspective (especially a 2nd game where a lot of technical debt has already be cleaned up in the first game and assets already built) is that there are huge cost savings in reusing certain assets and having fewer bugs.


I understood your points, and I agree with them, even though I am one from the PnP crowd and have never developed anything. That’s what I was saying. :wink:

I think at the very least Dragon Disciple Wings should be a thing, didn’t they appear in Neverwinter Nights?