Physical changes

Hello, I do not know, if its already planned, so I am sorry if I make a useless suggestion. But I would like if ascending, there should also be physical changes, like body parts, glows etc. and additional NPCs could react to it.


U mean like when you get wings? I think that is the only visible physical change we could see in kingmaker. It would have been great also if you get a non draconic bloodline (like undead or fey etc) you could see a visual difference in the character too. In wotr it would be awesome to see that, specially in shamans and oracles

Yes I mean visual. Like if you grow claws, you can also see them, or if you have an aura/halo/whatever glows, you can also see it glowing. I do not thing that it can be so much work, as there already spells which transforms or let glow, but if you affect certain body parts, I do not know how flexible it can be.

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It will also be good if we can change character portrait mid-game too, so we can change it to suit the mystic path that we choose

You can do this with a mod for Kingmaker and it was quite easy so I wouldn’t fret. As for more changes OP how do you expect claws to show up? Your hands aren’t as visible as say wings or halos (which are already supported). It’s an awesome idea though, I will give you that.