PF:KM Wins GOTY Awards from RPG Codex and RPGWatch!

Great news, everyone!

Pathfinder: Kingmaker has been chosen as RPG of the year by two of the most influential gaming communities on the Web (that many of you are already members of, so why am I even introducing them, anyway?).

A while back, there was a GOTY survey on RPG Codex, and PF:KM won as both the most popular and the best-reviewed game of the year!

And today, RPGWatch announced PF:KM as both Editor’s choice and Gamer’s choice for the RPG of the year!–best-rpg-470.html

We at the studio are incredibly humbled by this. We gave this game everything we had, and we hope that it shows. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all of our players! Ever since we announced PF:KM, you have been nothing but amazing to us. Thank all of you for your unwavering support - we’ll do our very best to remain worthy of it!

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Well deserved :slight_smile:

If the Codexians gave the game a Brofist well, you are golden!
Rpg Watch…meh…hehe