PC: Game not launching

Platform: PC

Do you have any mods? All removed

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:
Game is on GOG. Not launching form GOG launcher, or from the .exe directly. It opens up a unity window with a half filled bar and then shuts down without starting up.
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. No luck. Any help would be appreciated.

Make sure the game cannot find them at all, like deleting the mod folder. If you really want to use mods, then update UMM and all the mods for the current version of the game.

If the above didn’t work, try to launch the game as Administrator.

A similar problem, the game was bought in gog, does not work since version 1.0.4 for 2 weeks already.

.Help is needed

Found a problem. The game does not work in windowed mode, put the game in full-screen mode and everything works …