PC Advice For Companion Party

I’m looking for some inspiration for a PC. Rather than using a mercenary party, as I almost always do,I plan on using companions this go-around. But it’s jmportant to me that the party be balanced and cover certain core features features: at least 1 full divine caster, at least 1 full arcane caster, and at least one (preferably 2) melee roadblocks. With that said, give me some ideas for a PC and tell me the companion party into which the PC fits. I’ll probably play on core difficulty.

The party lacks a bard, and a bard can be a melee frontliner and pretty decent arcane casting buffer. Bard also fits perfectly into the Azata mythic path.

I play on Core. My favorite bard build so far has been a plain STR-based bard with 4 into Dragon Disciple for more STR and AC. I put a DEX belt on her and went TWF/Shield Bash, so she’s a great tanky frontliner. My typical group:

  1. Seelah (pure Paladin, also TWF/Shield Bash)
  2. Arueshalae (Sense Vitals sneak build from Neoseeker)
  3. Ember (pure Witch).
  4. Lann (multi-classed to Cleric, with pet Dog, also from Neoseeker)
  5. Another melee or Sosiel if I think I’ll need heals during combat.

I play turn based, so I usually delay everyone past Ember so she can get Evil Eye: AC on a target to start the focus fire barrage.

Arueshalae is the strongest individual companion. She combines Ekun-class damage with Linzi-class skill monkeying. Daeran is the best divine caster/healer, but he takes a lot of micro and you don’t usually need more healing than Ember can provide. Nenio can probably be good, but I haven’t found a build I like for her. Camellia, Woljif, Regill, and Greybor are all pretty interchangeable. Of the four, though, I like Camellia the best. She brings some good buffs, she’s pretty tanky, and with all her self-buffs running, she’s a murder machine. Woljif isn’t as horrible some posters here say. He does decent damage, he’s a skill monkey, and he has Haste.

All that being said, the meta for party formation is pretty similar to Kingmaker: pets are even more OP (because you can put some gear on them), archers remain OP, Haste is the best buff, and casters are better for buffs than damage (except maybe Kineticist).

My next playthrough will be with a Kineticist to see if they’re still OP.

I aproach a bit different angle for this thing.
My thinking is more of, what will be fun and interesting build for me?

So most likely will try things like:

  • Winter Witch, Lich path.
  • War Priest, Angel path.
  • Somekind of Barbarian (or skald), Demon path.
    And so on. What I get with me at party depend few things like: what is my PC aligment (good or evil). Maybe even class (if I end up making a druid, it might be interesting to create a party where anyone do not use metal armor, maybe not even metal weapon but that might be a bit too much…)

I am using

  1. MC - Demonslayer Ranger with Animal - STR with Glaive, Enlarge, later Legendary
  2. Camilia - Shaman with 1lvl dip into fighter on lvl 4 to give her better shields and early Heavy armor
  3. Wenduag - Double Axe Thrower
  4. Daeran - Necromancy focus for Boneshaker/shatter, spell penetration, few buffs that Cam and Ember lacks
  5. Ember - Evil Eye hexes mainly and buffs
  6. Free spot to switch, usually filled by Arue or Nenio.

Given what the OP wants, i´d go with:

MC Bard (competence buff and jack of all trades)
Seelah (melee roadblock)
Arueshalae (ranged DPS)
Ember (full arcane caster).
Sosiel (full divine caster and 2nd melee roadblock)
Woljif (melee DPS)

I wanted to thank everyone for their responses. I agree that a bard is a natural fit for the party (even if it’s a pretty common include for me). Maybe I’ll try a melee bard to mix it up.