Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Vote for the playable race!

The time has come. The fate of the additional race for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous will now be decided. Now you can vote for one of the three candidates: Kitsune, Catfolk or Ratfolk.
The vote will last till 30th of June. So you have plenty of time to choose your candidate!

In order to vote you should have one of the three badges: squire, knight or commander.

We have also added additional emojis for the forum: :catfolk: :kitsune: :ratfolk:

Let the voting begin!

If you have any issues, please, message @Mortheim

  • Catfolk
  • Kitsune
  • Ratfolk

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And you can join one of the supporters group too! They won’t count towards the vote for the race, but it will give your avatar a small badge with your candidate. Here are they:


@Mortheim I havent gotten the backer tag so I cant vote. I have filled in my forum name after buying the alpha acess but never got a badge


I think there is somekind of bug at the moment? Because I clearly am alpha and beta backer, have Commander badge, access to alpha forum and so on. But it seems that I am not in the WotR_Backers group? I allso have Baron badge but I guess I am not in Kingmaker_Barkers group either (if there is one).


@Mortheim : I cannot vote as well and I am an Alpha backer with still no Squire Badge attached to her name. Can you please help me with those issues ? I will really appreciate it.


DMed you :slight_smile:

There was an issue that some people with badges haven’t been added. Is it fine now?

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Hmm, I’m getting a weird error where every time I open this specific thread, the forums immediately tell me I have been logged out, and when I attempt to vote, it asks me to log in, I put in my login info correctly, the page refreshes, and I’m still logged out. I managed to hit reply to you Mort, and am hoping this post actually goes through.

[EDIT] Well I’m managing to stay logged in, but I’m getting the “you must be a member of wotR_backers to vote” message over the vote, and nothing happens when I click any of the options.


@MortheimI can’t vote and I have the Knight badge showing on my profile

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Can’t vote as well. Have a commander badge.


Commander badge and also it keeps telling me to refresh and then I have to relogin each time. At least it’s better to run into the errors now than during or after beta.

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You should to have a commander/knight/ squire badge.

Can’t vote @Mortheim

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@Mortheim same issue as others. backer, have a badge, but not a member of WotR_Backers

Edit: issue fixed. many thanks :grinning:


You should get access in a minute.

Can’t vote as well. Alpha and Beta backer.

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Says I need to be in backers group, I have alpha access and have backed, any fix? @Mortheim

Edit: never mind worked now. :slight_smile:

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I’m a backer. But I can’t vote here!

What went wrong?

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Hmm… cant seem to vote…

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I have my forum badge, but it says I need to be in the WotR_Backers group to vote.