Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous update 1.1.3e


A new patch 1.1.3e has just arrived! We’ve fixed the issue with Arueshalae’s romance, fixed the problem some players had with entering the Lost Chapel; we tweaked some cool mythic units in the crusade to make them feel more mythic, and also fixed Restless Slumber a lot of people complained about. We also fixed the issue with your spellbook looking like it was empty, and the FPS no longer should significantly drop on the global map. And last, but definitely not least - we’ve found that elusive fireplace! You can find the full list of changes below.

But beware of possible plot spoilers!


  • After completing Rapture of Rupture, it was possible to initiate a conversation with Vellexia again - fixed;
  • During A Matter of Reputation you can no longer kill Yozz if you are playing as a Demon;
  • During A Noble Intent quest Anevia wouldn’t notice a player in stealth and refused to talk to them - fixed;
  • During The Price of Loyalty Yozz will no longer participate in the ambush if you already killed him during A Matter of Reputation;
  • Fixed an error which prevented the continuation of ‘Once in Alushinyrra…’ quest;
  • Fixed the issue with The Light Within quest getting stuck in the 5th chapter for the Angel mythic path;
  • If Commander’s love interest was dead during the final stage of the Death’s Embrace quest, they could participate in the dialogue dead - fixed;
  • Latverk could appear in the streets next to his house again after his death. We… took measures to ensure he stays dead;
  • Sometimes even getting ritually killed by an undead mage wouldn’t make Daeran leave the party (rumours didn’t like - his vitality is truly legendary) - fixed;
  • Sometimes Ramien didn’t want to go to Defender’s Heart even if Hurlun was killed - fixed;
  • The final romantic dialogue with Arueshalae wouldn’t start if she wasn’t in the current party - fixed;
  • Wenduag could leave the party during the rest in Colyphyr Mines or later - fixed. However, if she’s already left, she won’t come back, and you may need an earlier save.


  • Fixed the unnecessary transparency of some staircases in Drezen Citadel;
  • Fixed an error which could cause Queen Galfrey and Irabeth to disappear during the siege of Drezen;
  • Fixed an error which could make Galfrey stay in Drezen’s citadel in chapter 5;
  • Fixed an issue which allowed to endlessly shift the alignment in the dialogue in Sacred Lands;
  • Fixed the camera movement in turn-based mode on the staircase in Drezen Citadel;
  • Fixed the lighting on some locations where the tactical battles took place;
  • Fixed the movement freezing on the global map before entering the Lost Chapel;
  • The fireplace in the Defender’s Heart tavern has been returned. We asked the thieflings to leave it alone;
  • The textures of chips on the global map don’t go missing anymore.


  • All Dragons’ melee damage has been moderately increased;
  • Azata Lilliend’s damage and attack has has been significantly increased;
  • Azata Yamah has incorrect description and size - fixed;
  • Azata Yamah’s damage and attack has has been significantly increased;
  • Convicts’ AC and HP has been moderately increased;
  • Cuirassiers’ damage and attack has been significantly increased;
  • Inspecting units in tactical battles didn’t show a tooltip sometimes - fixed;
  • Lich’s spell power has been significantly decreased;
  • Paladins’ damage and attack have been moderately increased;
  • Preaching Sacrifice used to increase the effects from the negative morale, not positive - fixed;
  • Scaled Fists’ damage and attack has been significantly increased;
  • Students of Stone’s damage and attack has been moderately increased;
  • The Plagued Dragons Creation decree now creates an army with the correct number of units.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Choosing Animal Domain as an Impossible Domain mythic ability now will allow to level up your animal companion to the correct level;
  • Description has been added for Ascending Succubus race;
  • Evil Arueshalae had an Ascending Succubus race - fixed;
  • Fixed the maximal caster level for the scroll crafting for the characters with the appropriate class (such as Nenio);
  • Fixed the mechanics of the Pillar of Life spell to match the description. Playful Darkness is watching you!
  • Hellfire ray’s fire component didn’t add Sorcerer’s dragon fire (brass/red/gold) bloodline +1 damage per die rolled - fixed;
  • Purple Worm will no longer swallow if you have Freedom of Movement or similar effect;
  • Restless Slumber has been fixed (now your enemies will rest in peace);
  • Skald couldn’t be merged with Loremaster - fixed;
  • Some of the Paladin’s abilities didn’t work after changing the alignment on your mythic path - fixed;
  • Swarm Feast didn’t automatically devour killed enemies in the area - fixed;
  • Trickster’s Demoralize ability with “Persuasion 1 rank” now works only on enemies.


  • Deathly Arousal mechanics has been reworked;
  • Odds Evener mechanics has been reworked:
  • The mechanics of Ardent Guard have been reworked.


  • During level-up, when getting to the spell selection, the spellbook could appear empty - fixed.


  • Elemental Barrage could cause the game to crash - fixed;
  • Fixed the Immaculate Petal visuals;
  • Fixed the issue with the quality of Queen Galfrey’s portraits in the epilogue;
  • Fixed the portrait of Areelu in the past;
  • Fixed the unloading of sound files from the memory - now the sounds will be working more steadily;
  • FPS could drop significantly on the global map - fixed.

Sorry but Wow. Mounted Combat, one of the really cool features (Charge and Spitited charge) remain unfixed. Two thumbs down. That worked before 1.1.2 d .

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From what I’ve tested, Mounted AoOs with non-reach weapons are also broken. Mounted combat in general is a bit of a mess… :frowning:

Seems to still be a bug in the character/inventory/etc screen where it will refuse to switch characters when you select their portraits, both in the party in the world and in a base like Drezen or the Defender’s Heart; when this happens, shops/merchants also will not work and the game has to be force-closed. This has been happening for multiple patches now.