Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: update 1.0.4d patch notes

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!

Quests and companions

  • It was impossible to find Chivarro during the Grudges to Settle quest - fixed;
  • During ‘Once in Alushinyrra…’ quest the player was considered dead after teleportation to the House of Silken Shadows - fixed;
  • After the completion of Morevet’s quest, some options related to it didn’t disappear from the dialogue - fixed;
  • It was impossible to interact with Shamira during the Ultimate Joke quest - fixed;
  • A dialogue with Ramisa at Flesh Markets could start again after you’ve already decided her fate - fixed;
  • Sosiel will not try to break up with a character on a good Mythic Path anymore;
  • Sosiel could get stuck painting in different areas, blocking some quests from completion - fixed;
  • Sometimes you were unable to exit the location if you turned down Sosiel - fixed;
  • Deep-Rooted Derangement quest in Wintersun could break after skipping the cutscene that started it - fixed;
  • Weary Guardian: fixed a Trickster’s option;
  • Bad Blood: sometimes the reinforcements in Savamelekh’s Mansion forgot to join the battle, and were waiting in the corridor - fixed;
  • Conspiracy in Shadows: Yozz wouldn’t teleport you to Alushinyrra if you wanted to do it after some preparations - fixed;
  • Durability Test wasn’t failing after completing chapter 3 - fixed;
  • It was impossible to enter the Bloody Trail location while you were on the dragon hunt - fixed;
  • Burrowed Dreams quest completion wasn’t triggering - fixed;
  • Lann and Wenduag’s quests could disappear from the journal - fixed;Lann sometimes didn’t receive the correct epilogue - fixed;
  • Echo of Deskari was using an incorrect dialogue line in Palara Falls - fixed;
  • Seeking Forgiveness quest wasn’t starting correctly - fixed;
  • There was a way to duplicate Arueshalae - fixed. No more evil twins!
  • On the Summit sometimes nothing was visible due to fog of war - fixed;
  • Successful Diplomacy check with Mielarah wasn’t triggering the 50.000 discount - fixed;
  • Woljif’s shop sometimes didn’t trigger when clicking the appropriate dialogue line - fixed;
  • Forn Autumn Haze was appearing in Drezen after being killed - fixed. No ghosts allowed!
  • Fixed Areelu and Swarm dialogue in the epilogue.
  • Ramien could disappear after the combat with Halran started, blocking the quest from completion - fixed;
  • Fixed amount of XP gained in dialogue with Storyteller.
  • Shadow Dance quest sometimes didn’t complete after killing shadow demon leader - fixed;
  • Dialogue wasn’t appearing when talking to the Hand of the Inheritor - fixed;


  • Threshold: it was possible to start the final dialogues with the companions multiple times - fixed;
  • Midnight Fane in chapter 5 has been visually improved;
  • The entrance into The House of Wicked Knowledge wouldn’t show up on the map until you come close enough - fixed;
  • Iz: crusaders and NPCs wouldn’t get devoured by Swarm-that-Walks in the crusaders’ camp - fixed;
  • Cyborgs in Blackwater were stronger than intended - fixed;
  • Gates weren’t opening in Blackwater - fixed;
  • In some cases you could get a Game Over message after the third battle in Battle Bliss arena - fixed;
  • It was impossible to exit Sevalros’ Cave - fixed.
  • Door visual has been fixed in Heart of Mystery.
  • You can no longer be forever locked in Ivory Sanctum.
  • Sometimes attackers would get stuck on the gates during the attack on Defender’s Heart - fixed;


  • Added 2 additional difficulty levels for the crusade;
  • Added more UI texts for the events of the crusade;
  • Aeon’s Call event could get stuck in some circumstances - fixed;
  • Removed the crusade buffs stacking after character retrain;
  • Fixed empty glossary links and various tooltips in the crusade mode;
  • It was possible to buy the resources only in the city building mode. Now it has been moved into the crusade resources window;
  • Delaying a fort upgrade after finishing the corresponding decree could interrupt the whole upgrade chain - fixed, all missed upgrade opportunities should become available on loading the save;
  • Added clarifications to the description of the morale banner.
  • Fortress upgrade decrees would appear before actually building enough bastions - fixed;
  • Lich that transformed into a Swarm, continued to get Lich units from killing enemies - fixed;
  • Sometimes an event wouldn’t happen in Drezen despite a notification about it in the crusade interface - fixed;
  • Prudent feat now works according to description;
  • Bless now works according to description;
  • Incubi ability Crushing Despair had zero uses - fixed;
  • Prices of mercenaries for the crusade have been fixed;
  • Sometimes an extremely powerful enemy army with 1000+ units would spawn in chapter 5 - fixed;
  • When setting Crusade on auto in chapter 5, all garrisons were getting destroyed instantly - fixed;
  • Loading into settlement to build buildings from crusade management could trigger an endless loading screen - fixed.
  • It could become impossible to rank up diplomacy level in Crusade - fixed;

Classes & Mechanics

  • When creating a Zen Archer, you didn’t get any bow as a starting equipment - fixed;
  • Gold Dragon Mythic Path was working incorrectly with the effects which increased ability scores - fixed;
  • Gold Dragon was gaining double level after rebuilding Kenabres - fixed;
  • Gold Dragon didn’t receive correct bonuses for entering dragon form - fixed;
  • Vavakia’s breath no longer deals occasional Wisdom drain after the first time. This will fix the situation with companions dying from wisdom drain in chapter 4;
  • Last Stand no longer receives another use after a save-load;
  • When switching from Lich to late game mythic paths, Lich abilities would sometimes remain available - fixed;
  • The secret mythic path was not getting Mythic Feat or Mythic Ability selections during level ups - fixed;
  • You could sometimes be judged again mid-combat on the secret mythic path - fixed;
  • Corruption stacked on some companions - fixed;
  • Some weapons weren’t applying their effects on hit, if the character had only one attack - fixed;
  • Crushing Offence wasn’t working - fixed;
  • Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Shurikens didn’t work correctly - fixed;
  • Ice Storm’s slowing effect didn’t work - fixed;
  • Hell’s Decrees which limit the ability to use magic schools, now cancel the previous decree, if cast on a target with one decree already being active;
  • Hell’s Decree ability could be used an unlimited number of times - fixed;
  • Favored Enemy — Flying and Favored Enemy — Large didn’t work correctly - fixed;
  • Arcanist’s Icy Tomb no longer has a permanent duration and no longer applies all accumulated damage after entering the zone from the global map;

Turn-based mode

  • The cursor’s state was incorrectly reset to default in TBM at the start of the turn - fixed;
  • Charge ability was getting interrupted randomly before starting - fixed.


  • All relics now appear identified;
  • Items from the Commander Pack did not appear in the chest when playing the game in Epic Games Store - fixed;
  • The Robe of Water was being equipped in the wrong slot - fixed;
  • The Robe of Air had a wrong enchantment - fixed;
  • Fixed the visuals of Duality of Conjuration and Summoning;
  • Game could freeze when using the Lexicon of Paradox - fixed.
  • Francest’s Charming Voice was giving -2 penalty instead of -5 - fixed

User Interface

  • Fixed the displaying of the left action bar;
  • When cancelling the level-up, the game would pause until opening another interface - fixed;
  • Fixed resting on the global map;
  • A tooltip for some checks in the dialogues was showing incorrect numbers - fixed;
  • A ‘Show all spells’ checkbox could break the spell book - fixed;
  • Fixed the ‘Dominate Person’ effect on the main character;
  • Multiple improvements for mythic retrain UI;
  • Commander’s appearance wasn’t properly changing in the mythic level up UI - fixed;
  • Bear’s endurance in some circumstances could use a wrong icon - fixed;
  • Spellbook had minor graphical issues with scrolling - fixed;
  • Gold Dragon didn’t have a description on the character screen - fixed.
  • Swords of Gorum feat was lacking a description - fixed;
  • Linnorm’s ability didn’t have a correct name and description - fixed.


  • The game could freeze after talking to Finnean - fixed;
  • Skipping a cutscene of getting a mythic power in chapter 5 could lead to an endless black screen - fixed;
  • The epilogues have been improved for Demon and Lich;
  • Some achievements for fighting on Core difficulty level and higher couldn’t be unlocked - fixed;
  • Fixed another case where the loading screen would not disappear if loading directly into turn-based combat;
  • The summit scene in chapter 5 could not play out correctly if the Commander was mounted - fixed;
  • The behaviour of numerous enemies have been improved;
  • Mephisto no longer floats in the air.
  • Looting a dead companion could trigger an endless loading screen after leaving location - fixed;
  • Deskari no longer uses Areelu’s voice for one of the dialogue lines in Iz;
  • Companions that were dead when a cutscene loaded another location, could disappear from your party forever - fixed.
  • Multiple minor fixes in epilogues for consistency;
  • A soldier in Drezen no longer leans to air as if a wall was there;
  • Cutscene with Minagho and Staunton didn’t start in some circumstances - fixed;
  • Cayden Tankard was cosplaying a familiar, flying randomly in the air around the party - fixed
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Any news on a patch to fix the Console version of Kingmaker that hasn’t worked since release nearly a year ago?
All queries are being ignored on the console forum so thought I’d post for you here.