Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter Campaign launches February 4th!

We have something to announce! And it isn’t an announcement of announcement :wink:

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter Campaign launches February 4th!

You can find more information on our site:

And today we have also released some screenshots for the new game. You can see all of them here:

Awesome. Are you offering the same rewards as in the PF:KM kickstarter campaign? :smiley: Can’t wait for it to statt!!!

Ahhh very nice. I’m looking forward to it all.

What would be very nice to see/hear in the Kickstarter, is exactly how the mythic paths are intended to work in Owlcats Wrath (as opposed to “as written”). It is my understanding that Owlcat is re-inventing mythic paths to make it more suitable to the computer game. A lot of the original mythic paths manipulate action economy - and that doesn’t make as much sense in the computer game.

A thing I hope to see, is the universal mythic progression. Specifically the ability to ascend to divinity by becoming a “Divine Source”, eventually holding 4 domains (the equivalent of a minor deity).

@HenriHakl To my understanding, the mythic paths Owlcat is doing are pretty much ways to leave mortality behind and ascend as a powerful entity.

Instead of using the ones found in PnP we get for instance a path for lichdom, a path to become a demon and an angel one. Even the Trickster path is pretty much completely rewritten and features fey-stuff. We also know that each path will be slightly different for each class type (Fighters can become liches and get Vampiric Sword instead of 10th level spells a Wizard lich would receive).

To Owlcat, other mythic path “themes“ players may also enjoy to have could be: dragon, devil, vampire, aeon, protean, psychopomp, naga, or even kami. Just food for thoughts. :slight_smile:

ill support this with as much money as i can.

I’ll also buy probably something equivalent to King on kickstarter

I will be supporting this day 1, but I hope Owlcat will have clearer descriptions on the rewards tiers.

Again it does not come in Spanish.

“More platforms and languages may be added in the future” like the previous game that languages were not added.
Hopefully this time they add a goal for languages.

The Spanish speaking community is very large, even laborious work is being done to translate Kingmaker into Spanish by community so please listen to the community in Spanish and add our mother tongue.