Pathfinder / WOTR just got

Hey guys,
I seen the article on one of my old favorite sites from 90’s, bluenews :slight_smile:

I just bought the early access edition + alpha addon.

Kingmaker was one best games I played and I’ve been huge gamer since my commodore 64 days. I’m really happy owlcatgames exist and look forward doing some early access stuff like this.

Download alpha from steam now, look forward to meeting some folks.

Thanks All !!

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Welcome then, and may you enjoy it!

Outside of that, please be so kind as to direct all your Alpha-related questions and comments to the dedicated Alpha subforum, so as to not spoil the rest of us in the public areas. =)

Welcome and enjoy the alpha. :slight_smile: Kingmaker is indeed an awesome game, especially with turn-based mod.

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Yea, I"m looking into trying that possibly, getting ready to do another new play through Kingmaker. I never installed the mod, I LOVE turn based games though. The way I play Kingmaker and other games like this is I always turn 100% AI off, so entire party just sits there. I will pause, order commands, watch, pause, order commands, watch…

Easy fights, you don’t have to pause too much, as auto attack kind happens once you do the initial attack for each person. But sometimes you really have to pause and watch carefully.

This is sort of a real time / turn based way to have to play / learn all the classes in your party. Any spells / abilities anyone does has to be initiated by me.

Turn based would be interested though LOL. I will have to check out the mod here, let me google it now.

Wow, this sounds interesting, older article but hopefully still the case:

The turn-based combat mod even reinstates one of the Pathfinder tabletop game’s rules that didn’t work with a realtime system—the free five-foot step a character who doesn’t take a regular move action is allowed, which gives spellcasters, archers, and other ranged attackers the ability to reposition away from attackers without drawing an attack of opportunity.

Wow this too, a big change they mention below. AOE will be much easier since no one will be moving at all when you cast? I assume enemies can still run out of it during turn. This will add alot of new thoughts for sure… I don’t remember if they can see where its being cast and run away prior to it actually being applied though. hehe.

thought from article:
Maybe the biggest advantage of turn-based combat in Kingmaker is that area of effect spells, which it has quite a lot of, can now be set up and cast reliably. No more lining up a burning hands spell then watching as the enemies scatter out of range while one of your companions runs right into the flames.

The dude writing this article must only control one main character though and keep AI on for everyone else ?

Always good to know I’m not the only person old enough to have gamed on the C64…

Ultima 4, M.U.L.E, “Gold Box” D& D, Pirates!, Bard’s Tale. Those were the days! :slight_smile: