Pathfinder: Kingmaker on PS5

Hi there,

I am thinking about buying the game, but since I read that it has some issues on console, I wanted to ask for advice to know if the current problems on PS4 are also affecting PS5 users.

Thank you for your help!

According to this thread, the ongoing main issue should also affect PS5-Users.

I love this game but for me this game has way more issues on next gen consoles then cyberpunk which PS users can’t even buy anymore. Played over 210 hours cyberpunk on series s and x with barely any issues. Pathfinder crashes at capital and monsterintensive spots but i guess it can be worked around by reloading save right before when you can expect it to crash

Hi @Glubsch, hi @Malril,

Thank you for your responses, they were helpful to make me to decide about the game. I will follow it up and wait until these issues are solved before buying it.

Thank you once again.