Pathfinder: Kingmaker Definitive Edition Update is here!

Please be aware of plot spoilers in the description below!

• You can now play Pathfinder: Kingmaker with your gamepad.
• Turn-based mode is now available.

• Now, after you explored the Blackstones Ford map, you can stay in that area to collect the loot and exit when you feel like it.
• Now you can speak to Kobold Artist in the Troll Liar only once.
• Fixed the chest respawn in the endless dungeon. The chests will no longer appear in the unreachable locations.
• Some secret rooms in the endless dungeon contained no chests. Resolution: fixed.
• In the endless dungeon, certain poisons had no icons. Resolution: fixed.
• The Bandit Camp area had an incorrect name on the local map. Resolution: fixed.
• The Cloudkill effect of traps in the Vordakai Tomb had no visible text. Resolution: fixed.
• An incorrect message was displayed for one of the houses in Varnhold. Resolution: fixed.
• Fixed the issue when the innkeeper in Varnhold could hear the rioting peasants for the second time.
• Fixed the issue when characters could get stuck in some places at Jamandi’s mansion.
• After you start investigating the Season of Bloom quest and talk to Kesten, the Second Breath quest fails if you haven’t completed it before.
• In one of the options of Regongar’s final quest, it was possible to get the reward twice. Resolution: fixed.
• Fixed the issue due to which the final stage of Octavia’s and Regongar’s quest could not be completed.
• After you saved the game and then loaded it at the Capital Square during the Investigate My Death quest, Jaethal disappeared and you could not talk to her until re-entering the area. Resolution: fixed.
• Allowing Tsanna to decide what to do about the situation while increasing Loyalty Rank to 7 led to doubling of the Rank Up project and other effects. Resolution: fixed.
Classes & Mechanics
• Now rogues can select a starknife as a weapon for Finesse Training.
• The rogue’s Finesse Training lacked nunchaku as an option. Resolution: fixed.
• The rogue’s Dispelling Attack advanced talent didn’t scale correctly with levelling up of vivisectionists and slayers. Resolution: fixed.
• Monks can now correctly activate two style strikes after 15th level.
• Sensei Advice: Mass Diamond Soul (monk’s ability) incorrectly applied the Diamond Body effect. Resolution: fixed.
• The inquisitor’s progression window did not show the Greater Bane ability. Resolution: fixed.
• The DC of the inquisitor’s Daze orison spell was based on the inquisitor’s Charisma instead of Wisdom. Resolution: fixed.
• The cleric’s Divine Fortune ability of the Luck domain was infinite per day. Resolution: fixed.
• Strength Surge (cleric’s strength domain ability) didn’t work on allies. Resolution: fixed.
• The description of Sage Sorcerer has been expanded to clarify the features of this archetype.
• The kinetic knight can now correctly choose Armor Proficiency (Medium).
• Metakinesis no longer increases the burn cost of the kineticist’s wild talents.
• For the Phoenix Rising ability of the flamewarden (ranger’s archetype) it was incorrectly stated that it worked once per week while it actually worked once per day. Resolution: fixed the description.
• The Russian description of the Touch of Good ability (Good domain) incorrectly mentioned that it gave a bonus equal to the level of the class that granted access to that domain. In fact, the bonus amounted to half of the class level. Resolution: fixed.
• Harm and Inflict Wounds, Mass spells failed to check for Death Domain — Death’s Embrace. Resolution: fixed.
• Channel Positive Energy — Heal Living healed golems. Resolution: fixed.
• The Reduce Person spell was affected by Spell Resistance. Resolution: fixed.
• The True Seeing spell was affected by Spell Resistance. Resolution: fixed.
• Remove Fear failed to work against Frightful Presence. Resolution: fixed.
• Magic Fang and Greater Magic Fang were not displayed on characters as an effect. Resolution: fixed.
• Mind Fog had an incorrect duration description. Resolution: fixed.
• Hardy dwarves’ racial trait now correctly works on the first saving throw against poisons afflicted by enemies’ natural attacks.
• Tartuk now correctly has the Fiery Body spell.
• Fixed the issue when it was impossible to pick up the loot from enemies that were killed under the effects of the Baleful Polymorph spell.
• Attacks of opportunity in the round right after a charge action got a +2 bonus to attack rolls from the charge. Resolution: fixed.
• Using the respec on a caster that learns spells from scrolls will now refund all the extra spells this caster has learned from scrolls (so that players can go and buy other scrolls from vendors).
• The bear animal companion had a lower natural armor than intended. Resolution: fixed, the natural armor of the bear was increased.
• Even the smallest goblin alchemists now can throw bombs.
• Rapid Shot no longer applies a -2 penalty to single attacks.
• Added Masterwork Throwing Axe, Masterwork Nunchaku, Throwing Axe +1 and Nunchaku +1 to the goods offered by the Honest Guy.
• Scalemail of Resistance +2 sold by the traveling merchant could be equipped only by druids, instead of all classes. Resolution: fixed.
• Sword of Eternal Servitude worked incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.
• Cloak of Sold Souls summoned a friendly Thanadaemon. Resolution: fixed.
• Thundering Claw of the Bear God didn’t work with Beast Shape III; Call Lighting was also cast if an animal companion landed a critical hit. Resolution: fixed.
• The Bladed Plate item incorrectly appeared in Kaessi’s house in the capital. Resolution: fixed.
• The Bleed effect of the Serrator weapon failed to work in the first round after successful hit. Resolution: fixed.
• Fixed issues with Gear’s Rule.
• The Narrow Path amulet checked the alignment of the wearer instead of the target. Resolution: fixed.
• The Blakemoor’s grimoire description wasn’t displayed properly. Resolution: fixed.
• The weapon type information was missing for oversized bastard swords. Resolution: fixed.
• Scroll of Cape of Wasps had DC equal to 0. Resolution: fixed.
• Mail of Clear Skies wasn’t considered a light armor. Resolution: fixed.
• Mail of Clear Skies had incorrect stats. Resolution: fixed.
• Disruption Thundering Heavy Flail +2 was a regular flail, not a heavy one. Resolution: fixed.
• The game mechanics information was missing for the Briar. Resolution: fixed.
• Frozen Crescent had an incorrect critical range. Resolution: fixed.
• Wand of Acid Splash had an incorrect price. There were also some scrolls with incorrect spells. Resolution: fixed.
• Adamantine Breastplate +3 had an incorrect price. Resolution: fixed.
• Singing Steel Breastplate had an incorrect price. Resolution: fixed.
• Lycanthrope Bane Disruption Club +3 had an incorrect price. Resolution: fixed.
• Fixed typos in the descriptions of the Dark Revelation, Amulet of the Dying Wisdom, Staff of the Whispering Souls, and Cord of Stubborn Fury belt.

User Interfaces
• The icon to exit the Silverstep Grove area was located too low. Resolution: fixed.
• Fixed the location of the monster names above the water elementals.
• Fixed the location of the monster icons above the slurks.
• Combat Log didn’t display rerolls. Resolution: fixed.
• Changed the color of Jaethal’s name for readability.

• Fixed multiple typos and inconsistencies in the German, French, and Chinese localizations.
• Audio: added four new voice packs for barons and baronesses.
• Autosave worked incorrectly when moving from the Other World to the Womb of Lamashtu. Resolution: fixed.
• Animation: fixed Coup de Grace animation and slipping in the Mammoth animation.
• Rain visual effects no longer freeze when switching between locations.
• Fixed a collision problem on the stairs of the Academy of Grand Arts in Pitax.

A friendly reminder: while we deeply admire the contribution that mod authors make to our game, we would like you to remember that running custom modifications can lead to unexpected bugs and crashes. Unfortunately, if you encounter any issues while playing with mods, our team will not be able to help you. If this happens, please report these issues to the mod’s original creator. Also, remember that after each game update, there is a high probability of previously installed mods not functioning properly. If you wish to play with mods anyway, disabling auto-updates might prevent your save files from becoming corrupted.


since the update to the definite edition, i keep getting bumped off the game. sometimes the system restarts but sometimes it shuts down completely.
can i fix the problem or is it a shared one and we need to wait for a new patch?

Have you overclocked your CPU / GPU (processor and graphic card) or your memory?

i tried that too, but no result