Pathfinder: Kingmaker Beta Patch Notes Update 2.1.0g

Please be aware of plot spoilers in the description below!


  • In Jamandi Aldori’s Mansion, bandits near the room with statues entered into combat incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.

  • In Wilderness Clearing, barbarians killed their leader, which made it impossible to start the corresponding dialogue. Resolution: fixed.

  • In Vordakai’s Tomb, zombies entered into combat incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.

  • Fixed the gameplay-related issues in Vordakai’s Tomb.

  • Fixed the issue, which made it impossible to interact with objects at the Varnhold Stockade.

  • It was impossible to kill Kressle and her bandits in the Stag Lord’s Fort. Resolution: fixed.


  • In the dialogue with Vordakai, the new kingdom project notification was duplicated. Resolution:

  • The Brevan Envoy Awaits kingdom event about Annamede Belavarah’s show in the main square appeared again after it was resolved. Resolution: fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Canceling a cone-shaped spell failed to disable the 5-ft mode. Resolution: fixed.

  • When using Charge, characters could sometimes stack on top of other characters or monsters. Resolution: fixed.

  • The spell specialization could be duplicated in the Level Up screen of multiclass characters. Resolution: fixed.

  • Fixed the error when the Land Defenders effect was lost if a character died.

  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of effects in turn-based mode.

  • The mechanics of how enemies entered into turn-based combat has been improved. It should solve various issues related to detecting new enemies during combat and using Coup de Grace while out of combat.

  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of summoned allies in turn-based mode.

  • In some cases, a character who was unable to move for some reason could lose the ability to attack. Resolution: fixed.

  • In turn-based mode, it was impossible to use the characters’ portraits to target a spell. Resolution: fixed.

  • In turn-based mode, when you summoned a creature at the edge of the fog of war, which covered enemies, it started an endless cycle of going into and out of combat.

  • If you quickly turned abilities on and off on the action bar, you could sometimes lose your action. Resolution: fixed.

  • Creatures spawned by a trap couldn’t be attacked during the first turn in turn-based mode. Resolution: fixed.

  • If you were making 5-foot steps while holding Shift down, the character would stop when you released the key. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces

  • On the global map, the fatigue notification could incorrectly appear in the book event text. Resolution: fixed.

  • Ability scores were not displayed on the Total page of the Level Up screen. Resolution: fixed.

  • Fixed the turn-based mode issues caused by switching to the fullscreen window mode or opening the menu using Esc.

  • Fixed the issue with the display of effects on characters’ portraits.

  • Hints in the dialogue window functioned incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.

  • Some UI elements sometimes were displaced in the Level Up screen. Resolution: fixed.

  • Overtips sometimes appeared in an incorrect location for some types of enemies. Resolution: fixed.

  • Tutorial screenshots had Russian captions. Resolution: fixed.

  • If an attack of opportunity was available, the path was sometimes incorrectly painted (the standard action part was painted as if it was the move action part).

  • Some gods’ icons were not displayed. Resolution: fixed.


  • Fixed the issue when some mouse devices were identified as gamepads, which triggered a message that suggested switching to the gamepad mode.

  • When you clicked the icon of a character located far away from the party, the camera failed to focus on that character. Resolution: fixed.

  • Fixed some issues related to the selection of the controller type at the game start.

  • Audio: the volume of stamp sounds made by hares has been decreased.

  • Audio: fixed the issue with incorrect type of footsteps in the Kamelands.

  • Audio: fixed the issue that could result in incorrect behavior of sound and music in some areas.

A friendly reminder : while we deeply admire the contribution that mod authors make to our game, we would like you to remember that running custom modifications can lead to unexpected bugs and crashes. Unfortunately, if you encounter any issues while playing with mods, our team will not be able to help you. If this happens, please report these issues to the mod’s original creator. Also, remember that after each game update, there is a high probability of previously installed mods not functioning properly.


Thank you, Wooden Dragon. ^^