Pathfinder Found as Ransonware and now won't run

Platform: Steam PC

Do you have any mods? No

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible: I had a warning about pathfinder.exe found as ransonware while I was playing and it crashed and I told the computer to allow it an undo the Blocking of Pathfinder.exe and restore four files, and then I closed the message box and now it will not run.

When I click on it I’m getting

Error “access denied (0x5)”

I can’t find anything in windows defender about it blocking the program in the history.

I verified the Program Files.

I uninstalled and reinstalled.

I checked my permissions in windows.

I tried running as administrator.

I upgraded my admin privileges’

I’m lost with more ideas


Try to simply just restart your PC first.

If that didn’t work

Have you ever use mods?
Do you have a controller plug in? If yes, try to unplug and launch the game.

Never had mods and I have no controller.

I restarted my PC multiple times with admin privileges even using the command prompts base level admin.


There is one old bug that could be the culprit. Try to change the fullscreen setting to borderless window. I personally use Geforce Experience to change it or you can use this method.

It will not even access the kingmaker.exe file

It is not crashing, it won’t open at all.


If you had a warning about ransomware, it mays mean :

  • either your Kingmaker.exe file was a virus and your antivirus has quarantined or deleted it (apparently, it has quarantined it.
  • or something changed it into a virus or gave you a false warning about Kingmaker and locked it while it did something to your system elsewhere.

In all cases, you should update your antivirus and scan your computer. Maybe also scan it online with F-Secure, Virustotal or somesuch.
And go from there.

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