Pathfinder Discord

Our community member Necromancer was so kind as to set up a Discord for all things Pathfinder: Kingmaker. So, if you’re looking to get in touch with your fellow Pathfinders or you’re simply looking for a place to hang out, get on Discord and say hi!

I logged on but I don’t have the ability to send messages in the channel? and also I’m not recognized as a Forum User? Not sure what’s up with that.

its not automatic, gotta wait for someone to assign the group

You cannot write in the #darulz channel, but #general is OK :slight_smile:

Good idea with Discord btw :slight_smile:

The doors have been thrown open and now there are 6 devs in the Discord channel. For those who want to talk pathfinder or Kingmaker, or see the neat fanart that’s been generated.

I have Joined this Discord group but sadly have not had much time to spend on it - Awesome Idea, will definitely attempt to be on it more closer to launch and once I have the game in hand (digital hand anyway).

Dumb question - but how would “someone” know we are forum members as well? Just wondering if it’s by display name or email address? I’m woefully behind the times and a total Discord noob.

They can see e-mail I guess. Allso you should give shout for Necromancer and Thainen in Discord letting them know your forum name (make things faster and they change your nick name there and give “status” as forum user, that way others can see it allso)

Bah. Used a different email address but forum name and discord name are the same.
I guess I’ll toss a post in general there and see if that does it. Thanks!

How you guys were able to join pathfinder kingmaker discord? After clicking on a link it keeps loading for me and nothing happens.