Patch 1.2 - Kingdom crumbling - Deal with the Devil

Deal with the Devil quest. The one with Linxia and the Hell Knights. Patch 1.2.

It’s an evil playthrough, meaning that I told Linxia I was ok with her doing her investigation the way she likes.

I have an event stating that “Linxia terrorizes my population”. Went outside in town, encountered some hell knights that are indeed terrorizing people and told them they could go on. To be exact, there are two such encounters in town, both times I initiated a conversation with them and both times I didn’t ask them to stop. Once these conversations are over, it’s not possible to change your mind and tell them to go away. And the one they are looking for, Darven, doesn’t appear at the south entrance of town after that.

So now I’m stuck with that event, waiting for Linxia to complete her investigation or Darven to show up. And, during that time, I loose a hefty amount of kingdom stats every two weeks. After a few months, I started wondering when this would stop. So I skipped time to see how long it would last. After a few months more and my kingdom nearly crumbling because of the stat penalties, I came to the conclusion that there must be a bug somewhere or that the price to pay for Linxia’s investigation is completely out of proportion.

Any suggestion, apart from re-loading an earlier save and loosing hours of play time?

Ok, after some more time the Hell Knights finally go away and then Darven appears south of town.
I hope the reward is worth it, because the price is steep.

You mean the price for not caring about your population ?

In reality oppressing your people like you do in game when playing an evil overlord would not end well indeed.
In game terms, since both good and evil playstyles are possible, I would expect different but balanced outcomes.

Sure. But…when a military commander from a brutally expansionist power comes along and says, in effect, “I demand carte blanche to conduct my investigation as I see fit,” agreeing to let her do so is really a Wisdom issue, not an alignment issue. Even if you’re Lawful Evil, the premise of the game is that you want to be king or queen; rolling over for Linxia only makes sense if all you want is to be the puppet governor of a Cheliaxian colony.

That said, this quest…really is badly designed, I’m afraid. Even if you choose the dialogue options to throw her out or have her arrested, the game acts like you’re kidding or something and can’t really be willing to start an open conflict with the Hellknight Order of the Rack in your capital.

I ordered her arrested. Threatening the lawful ruler is a crime.

The NPCs pretended I only asked her to stop and let her go, to continue with the behavior I ordered her arrested for.

Don’t worry, the reward at the end of it all is worth it :wink:

Hell Knights drop nice loot…

Just how long does she terrorize citizens because i’ll get game over is she continues it. Can’t find darven anywhere around town yet. This quest is so horribly desidgned it should be simply removed.

I just want to add that, despite getting out of my way to support Linxia and her Hell Knights, in the end she just despised me and my Kingdom and just… left. So no, it was definitely not worth it in my case.
I believe her reaction depends on how your Kingdom is aligned, with Lawful (Evil?) probably netting the best results. Mine was Chaotic Evil.

Isn’t that the quest where a fan “bought” the right for their subpar writing to appear in-game? If that’s not the case, then yes it would be wonderful if the devs would delete it or at least let people opt out of it via a check-box in the options menu.