Password Reset link

So, I can’t get my password reset for the main site.

I did the request to reset, though never got the email.

Help please


I’m experiencing the same issue.

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I don’t get them until the next day and whenever I try the reset link they are invalid.

Anything wrong?

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Same issue here. The password reset emails come hours after you submit them, and by that time I get an error that the reset password token is invalid. I’m not sure who to contact, I even tried on Twitter. Hope someone sees this and helps all these poor backers who can’t test the game (including myself).

Come on Owlcat Games, help us already!

I’m having the same problem. Been trying since the beta came out.

Same issue here, no “password reset email” received …
Help please !

Same issue, and I keep getting emails about making sure I do the name credits field thing. Well, I can’t if I can’t log in to the portal on the main site.