Owlcat should include Campaign editor?

I think their next AP (WOTR) should include campaign tools so that we can edit our own quests/campaigns to share with the public. If those tools are too complicated then at least give us a scale down version of it.

Well, I fear answer would be something like:
Step 1, buy Unity ( " Unity Pricing Overview

Unity pricing starts at $25.00 per month.There is not a free version of Unity.Unity does not offer a free trial." from: https://www.capterra.com/p/158591/Unity/#pricing )

So err…


Unity IS free to download and to use for individuals. The Plus one costs $35 per month and the Pro edition $125 in turn.

So, yes, it is entirely doable for modders to use the in-build Unity Editor to create stuff free of charge: https://unity3d.com/unity/editor

What about the dialog editor and monster editor is that included?

A big question is how much work this would be. The tools that Owlcat use might work well for them and other professional designers but might not have the best user interface or overall flow for fans who just want to make adventures. They would have to not only make the actual main game, but then also build or change all of their tools so that fans could easily use and publish them, which could be a lot of work that I would rather see them put into making WotR into the best game it can be.

I’m willing to wait until we get one, it’s not a rush … I can understand that it might be too complicated but a comprehensive one could be possible.

Well, I am afraid Pathfinder is right ^_^’’’ There are no some great inner user-friendly all-in-one tools, it’s mostly Unity and some inner expansions for it we made for ourselves. Not a thing ready to give out you are waiting for. So making an editor would be a big project, nearly like making another game. It’s unlikely we do that in any near future. :frowning:


Well you should because we want it. Make one, we will wait as long as it takes.

The days of user friendly Campaign editors like The Aurora Toolset, are long gone, my friend.