Owlcat is hiring a SciFi artist

According to twitter Owlcat is looking for an artist for a unannounced turn based scifi game.

Starfinder incoming?


If so, kind of mixed feelings here. On the one hand, I’d kind of like to give Starfinder a try but my tabletop group imploded years ago(damn adult responsibilities). On the other, I can think of a few pathfinder APs I’d still like Owcats to do and I have to assume they’re not big enough yet to handle multiple projects at the quality level we’re all hoping for.

Its on one of their employees twitters.

Although I do hope its not a hoax as the link in it seem to lead to nowhere.

I doubt it. Artists are often hired early in development cycles for concept art or to pitch a project for funding to investors. In light of the expected 2021 release for WOTR, they probably should be in the very early stages of thinking about their post WOTR project and preparing concept art to begin securing investment funding. And there are even a few APs that might need this sort of artist, like Iron Gods. I’m not worried.

I only hope that this hypothetical scifi game also comes with an RTwP mode. It would be a dealbreaker for me if it turend out to be indeed only TB.

Aside from that, I am all ears for an adaption of Iron Gods. Gunslinger, androids and rogue spaceship AI’s are what makes Pathfinder so vastly different from DnD after all.


Good that Owlcat finally abandons RTWP like everyone else.

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I finally had a chance to look at the post? Why do you say it’s a SciFi artist position?

The English mentions a 3D environmental artist.

Well, the translation by Google Trad says
“Owlcat Games (creators of Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous) are looking for Lead / Senior 3d Environment Artist for a new unannounced project (turn-based CRPG in a cypher setting) - a leading 3d environment artist.”
I don’t know what “cypher setting” means, but the Russian word might means something futuristic ?

Google translates it as cypher, other translators give me “saifai”

So basically cyberpunk rather than scifi.

As I’ve mentioned earlier this year, a Starfinder game made by Owlcat would be so awesome (and highly probable), so I’m very happy about this ‘news’. :smiley: :+1:

Is Starfinder about spaceflight or planets because I hate everything related to flying in space. No idea how anyone can stare at the black void for more than 10 seconds without getting bored.

Starfinder is just Pathfinder only that you add the word “laser” in front of the weapon name description.

“сайфай” means sci-fi (it’s actually the same pronunciation I think - I don’t speak Russian). For ex: https://context.reverso.net/translation/russian-english/сай-фай or (by translating) https://ru.wiktionary.org/wiki/сай-фай

Unqz’s reply to the twitter post says he’s hoping it’s Starfinder :wink:

It could be refreshing, but the theme may not please to everyone, and we could see a shift in the fan base. I’m also concerned about the amount of work for the team size, but surely they have thought about it - if that’s indeed the plan. Still, overall I’m curious about it and I’d certainly try it out!

Reminds me a bit of Bioware’s branching to the Star-Wars universe with KotOR, but in their case they dropped their favourite rule system and made something more FPS-ish, hiding the mechanics from the user entirely. I hope it won’t be the case here.

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What are you talking about KOTOR is still based on 3.0 DND like Neverwinter. The biggest change they made is that the removed the spell slots. Jade Empire was their first RPG that din’t use the D20 system.

Your sentence has an issue :wink: What am I talking about, you ask? I’m talking about the game mechanics.

Are you sure it was based on DnD 3.0? I thought it was still based on a (simplified) D20 system, but not DnD anymore, which would make sense given the settings (and AFAIK, they didn’t have the licence anymore). Anyway the important point here is not which rulebook they were based on, but the fact they hid it away from the user.

As far as I know, it was based on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Roleplaying_Game_(Wizards_of_the_Coast)
A d20 system released the same year as D&D 3.0.

And I don’t see how it was hidden in any way. Could you explain, please ?

If adding TB modes to their RTwP games is justified, then it would be equally justified that a TB game would have a RTwP mode. If that is not the case, then as a very early backer of Kingmaker and since then WotR, I would consider it a betrayal and would walk away from Owlcat.


In NWN, Pathfinder, and some others, I like how it’s possible to see the dice rolls and the fact that such or such check fails or succeeds, the damage done, by whom, … those little details. At least at the beginning so I can optimize and not make stupid mistakes. And it was not really visible in this game, unless perhaps an option came later or I missed it completely the first time. I wasn’t sure there was many details other than the skills either, but by watching a video I saw that there was indeed a somewhat detailed character sheet.

So it was long ago and “entirely hidden” is exaggerated, or depends on options or mods that I forgot. But the general impression was further away from a tabletop RPG, and a game meant for a different audience. It was still a very enjoyable game with a story, a lot of dialogs and so on :slight_smile:

i always have peak interest in high fantasy but really not much on sci-fi. i don’t mind if it’s deeply engaging with story line and 3rd person like Mass Effect. turn-based top-down isometric? honestly not so much for me.

but it’s great that they are trying something new