Other Types of Pathfinder Games from Owlcat?

Does anyone think it is realistic that Owlcat could develop some other types of games using their Pathfinder license?
I for one actually like the kingdom management part of P:Km (though obviously with some more balance fixes). As such, I would love a strategic Pathfinder game that was entirely something along the lines of the kingdom management system from P:Km. Is such a game even realistic? What do people think?

Big chance we will see future Pathfinder Adventure Paths adaptions from Owlcat. But as far as game “genres” other than RPG’s are concerned? Really don’t know about that. Perhaps once there are no more Adventure Paths the team is interested in. But even then there will always be Starfinder.

Yeah that’s what I figure as well. Though very much a pity because I think a Pathfinder game that is a mix of Diplomacy and Age of Empires (and maybe even some Civilization thrown in) would be awesome. I hope Owlcat will at least consider it when they eventually get to be a studio that can work on more than one project at a time.