Order says unpaid, when the payment went through

Just wanted to see what was up. If there was something I had to do, or of it took time. Just want to know how I properly contact customer support on this if there is an issue, or if there is even an issue and I just need to wait.

Editing this in, because I realize that I may have put you in a pickle and apologize for it. But I am here, because I cannot find the correct way of going through customer support and resolving this (because I do have the info that can easily resolve this or can get it easily). Anyways, as I should thank you in advance for any time spent on this issue.

More info that might be relevant is that I am running a script blocker, and an adblocker for security purposes and that might have bugged the transaction. Definitely think something is wrong (in the sense something went, because it has been over day since I put the order in and paid. Would like someone to help me with this from the staff. Or just tell me if everything is fine. Because, if it is as simple as that (the payment process got broken somehow and needs to be redone), I can get the payment cancelled and then redo it, if it didn’t go through correctly.

Could I please get some help? I know I didn’t use the right forum, but someone paying and it not going through is an issue. And two, it has been about four days. I just want to be directed to where I can get help, I can provide my transaction info, and order number and I can get this solved.

Can I please get some help and sent along to the correct people in Owlcat to resolve this, because I don’t want to have to call my bank and cancel the payment. Because that would of course create issues for everyone. If I can at least get an answer that this will eventually be resolved (and a satisfactory answer for any delay such as it being the holidays), then I’ll be happy for now. I just want this resolved, because I didn’t just pay for a product, I did this, because I supported your work.

You can contact them at team@owlcatgames.com

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Thanks. I’ll do so, that was what I wanted for the most part. Contact info is exactly what I needed.

Keep in mind that it’s christmas and it might take a while to get a respond from them…

I will. I want people to be happy throughout the holidays, and get it might even be longer because many of the people at Owlcat are Russian and their Christmas is on the 25th of the Julian Calendar (pretty sure the Russian Church hasn’t undertaken that reform- or “reform” as I am sure they may argue)

We apologize for the situation, there was an issue with payment statues, but it’s supposed to be resolved a couple of weeks ago. Can you please check if your order status is still wrong? If it is, please send us your account e-mail and payment details to team@owlcatgames.com as was mentioned before by Mork.

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Thank you as well. I apologize if I was at all pushy.

Anyways, it is resolved and resolved very well. Any place I can leave a corporate review to express my pleasure? Because this is high quality customer service. Insanely prompt.